Product Design

2014 Snapshot – Product Design

  • We launched NVIDIA SHIELD, a blazingly powerful Android tablet and gaming device that drew rave reviews during the holiday season.
  • We further advanced our position in automotive technology with the launch of NVIDIA DRIVE, a suite of technologies that support autonomous driving and infotainment systems.
  • We launched GRID, an on-demand cloud-based gaming service. GRID was 10 years in the making so we could give gamers instant access to their favorite games.

Energy-Efficient Design

Whether we are designing technology to power next-gen tablets or creating architectures to support high-performance supercomputers, improving energy efficiency is a principal goal in each step of our research, development, and design processes.

Parallel processing consumes far less power than equivalent computational forms. On a per-instruction basis, GPUs are 10 times more efficient than CPUs, which have traditionally handled most instructional processing. Eight of the top 10 greenest supercomputers in the world were powered by NVIDIA technology, according to the November 2014 Green 500 list.

Eight of the top 10 systems on the November 2014 Green500 supercomputing list contain NVIDIA GPUs. Read more.

Our highly efficient products and technologies include:

  • NVIDIA Tegra mobile processors: The new Tegra X1 is the most powerful and advanced mobile processor we’ve ever created and it uses less than 15 watts of power. Developers use it to build the most challenging mobile and automotive applications.
  • NVIDIA GRID: GRID delivers GPU-accelerated applications and games over a network. It lets multiple users simultaneously share GPUs with ultra-fast streaming display, enabling them to experience graphics-intensive desktops, applications and games. GRID offers exceptional capture, efficient compression, fast streaming, and low-latency display of high-performance games and enterprise applications.
  • NVIDIA Tesla solutions for high-performance computing: The Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform is the leading platform for accelerating big data analytics and scientific computing. Late last year, Tesla swept performance records across the board in one of the industry’s most closely watched benchmark suites, STAC. Tesla proved to be 40 percent more efficient and 65-85 percent faster than the next-best systems. Tesla GPUs accelerate applications in diverse platforms, including cars, mobile phones, tablets, drones and robots.
  • NVIDIA CUDA parallel processing architecture: CUDA is a parallel computing platform and computing model that enables compute-intensive calculations to be executed on lower cost, power-efficient GPUs. There is momentum for books and courses that focus on GPU Computing. Through our GPU Research and Education Centers and GPU Centers of Excellence, GPU Computing and/or CUDA is now taught at more than 817 universities in over 70 countries. Learn more about GPU computing.
  • Maxwell™ graphics architecture: Maxwell doubles performance while using half the power of previous architectures. The first GPUs built on Maxwell are designed for use in low-power environments, such as notebooks and small form-factor computers. A recent white paper explains specific differences between the previous and current architectures and the innovative engineering that dramatically improves energy efficiency.