NVIDIA Names Top Five Companies From Emerging Companies Summit 2009
Five of the 60 start-ups that participated in NVIDIA's recent Emerging Companies Summit (ECS) -- which brought together entrepreneurs with those who fund their ventures -- were today awarded the title "Ones To Watch" for their exceptional promise, by a three-member panel.

60 Innovative Start-Ups To Present At NVIDIA’s Annual Emerging Companies Summit
NVIDIA Corporation today announced that its second annual Emerging Companies Summit will feature presentations by 60 start-up companies from a dozen countries, discussing how they utilize graphics processing units (GPUs) to deliver innovative solutions in areas ranging from cloud computing and computer vision to gaming and image processing.

MotionDSP VREVEAL Puts “CSI”-Style Video Enhancement Software In Consumers’ Hands
MotionDSP Inc. today released vReveal, an easy-to-use Windows application for PCs that fixes common problems afflicting consumer-generated video.

NVIDIA Looking For The Next Great GPU Computing Company
NVIDIA Corporation, inventor of the GPU, today announced the launch of the GPU Ventures Program, a new global initiative whose aim is to identify, support and invest in early stage companies leveraging the GPU for visual and other computing applications.

NVIDIA Announces Strategic Partnership with MotionDSP
NVIDIA Corporation today announced a strategic partnership with MotionDSP, an emerging leader in digital video software applications and a new NVIDIA® CUDA™ ecosystem partner.

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