NVIDIA IndeX™ is a software product for visualizing and interpreting volume and surface datasets. IndeX leverages GPU clusters for real-time scalable visualization and computing of volumetric data, with the possibility of embedded geometric data as well. The data to be visualized by IndeX may either be produced by measurement (as in geospatial and medical datasets) or generated by simulation (for weather and climate models).

Eurotech and Altair

Eurotech and Altair are here to explain how their HPC solutions coupled with NVIDIA technology help users do more with less, achieving greater HPC productivity while optimizing resource outlays.

Demo: With Atair’s PBS Works, users can fully exploit the horsepower of powerful Eurotech HPC systems and can more easily make the transition from isolated workstations to shared clusters. Their display in the NVIDIA booth includes results from Altair software performance testing on NVIDIA systems, NVIDIA integration details, and visuals from Altair’s engineering product suite.

Nice Software

Nice Software will present NICE EnginFrame Views, the integration between the Technical and Engineering Portal EnginFrame and NICE DCV (Desktop Cloud Visualization) that allows users to remote access 2D and 3D interactive applications over a standard network.

Demo: Nice will demonstrate how DCV allows multiple users to run OpenGL applications served by a Private or Public Cloud configuration, or just simply remotely access their own dedicated workstation sitting in their office or datacenter, via LAN or WAN.


AccelerEyes representatives will be available to discuss CUDA development and training opportunities. Come speak with AccelerEyes to get software expertise and solutions for CUDA.

Demo: AccelerEyes will be demoing an array of high-performance CUDA applications with its powerful ArrayFire library.


PNY will demonstrate a GPU accelerated CFD computational simulation from Fluidyna, a block-based multi-resolution method coupled with a sharp interface model (MR-SIM) for the efficient high-resolution simulation of multi-phase flows, where data structure and adaptive multi-resolution approach are tailored to efficiency.


Culises (Cuda Library for Solving Linear Equation Systems) was developed by FluiDyna GmbH. It is a library containing state-of-the-art iterative solvers for systems of linear equations that employs GPU hardware as a computational platform. Using GPU's for hardware based acceleration, paralleled arithmetic algorithms can be executed extremely quickly. FluiDyna GmbH has established an interface to the open source CFD software package OpenFOAM®, representing only one out of many application possibilities of Culises. For illustration, thanks to Culises, aerodynamic simulation time of external flow around automobiles can be substantially reduced.


From training to software optimization. APC offers industry leading training courses for software developers looking to increase their skills in writing or optimizing applications for highly parallel processing. The training focuses on using GPUs for computing and the associated popular programming languages. APC also cooperates with the leading hardware vendors and ISVs in creating the courses to deliver the best training experience possible. The courses are taught by experienced programmers who provide real world experience.

University of Reims

The ROMEO Computing Center is an HPC platform hosted by University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. Its mission is to deliver high performance computing resources for both industrial and academic researchers in the region, along with an entire ecosystem of services like secured storage space, specific software and support in its usage, as well as an in-depth expertise in different engineering fields: HPC, applied mathematics, physics, biophysics and chemistry.