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  • Audio Processing Unit (APU)

    Integrated into the first- and second-generation nForce media and communications processors (MCP), the APU delivers unprecedented 3D positional audio to the PC platform.

  • NVIDIA SoundStorm

    Combined with the APU, NVIDIA SoundStorm(TM) audio provides Dolby Digital 5.1 encoding and connections for headphones; front left and right, and rear left and right speakers; a center channel; and subwoofer connection.

  • DualDDR Memory Architecture

    Second-generation NVIDIA nForce platforms include this revolutionary memory architecture consisting of dual-independent 64-bit memory controllers for increased memory bandwidth and lower latency.

  • Digital Media Gateway

    The second-generation NVIDIA nForce digital media gateway provides the ultimate in connectivity and networking, with USB 2.0 and IEEE-1394a/FireWire(R) support, DualNet Ethernet capability, and an Ultra ATA/133 IDE controller.


NVIDIA nForce Platform Processors

NVIDIA® nForce™ and NVIDIA nForce2 platform processors deliver the fastest, most feature-rich desktop PCs available. Both first- and second-generation NVIDIA nForce platform processors bring new levels of performance and built-in functionality to the AMD-based desktop PC market. Highly integrated processors--each featuring a staggering array of innovative system, memory, graphics, networking and digital media functionality--replace the traditional Northbridge and Southbridge motherboard architecture. The NVIDIA distributed platform architecture frees up the CPU and allows the overall system to deliver the ultimate PC experience.

The NVIDIA nForce and NVIDIA nForce2 integrated graphics processors (IGP) offer a myriad of features including high-performance NVIDIA graphics. The first-generation NVIDIA nForce IGP includes award-winning GeForce™2 MX graphics with an AGP 4X port. The second-generation NVIDIA nForce2 IGP features GeForce4 MX graphics and includes an AGP 8X port. The nForce IGPs also incorporate HyperTransport™, a high-speed bus for increased data throughput, and the industry's only dual 64-bit DDR memory architecture, providing unsurpassed system performance and a staggering 6.4GB/sec. with DDR400 memory--the highest system performance available today.

The NVIDIA nForce and NVIDIA nForce2 system platform processors (SPP) offer the same awesome system and memory performance of the NVIDIA nForce IGPs, with the flexibility of an add-in card graphics solution--so you can always upgrade to the latest, NVIDIA-based, high-performance graphics card. Designed to accommodate today's latest graphics cards, the NVIDIA nForce SPP processors feature an external AGP 8X or 4X bus, for the ultimate in graphics upgradeability.

Paired with first- or second-generation NVIDIA nForce IGP/SPP processors, the media and communications processors (including the MCP-D and MCP-T) offer the world's only integrated audio processing unit (APU) for a complete digital media experience. The NVIDIA SoundStorm™ audio solution delivers unprecedented 3D positional audio effects and real-time encoded Dolby® Digital 5.1 cinematic-quality audio. To complete the integrated digital media gateway functionality, the NVIDIA nForce MCPs exceed the traditional Southbridge connectivity with serial, parallel, ATA100, HomePNA, up to six USB ports, and NVIDIA StreamThru™ technology for the smoothest video and audio streaming possible. The NVIDIA nForce2 MCP incorporates additional functionality including DualNet™ dual Ethernet ports, support for USB 2.0, and IEEE-1394a/FireWire® for the ultimate in digital, high-speed connectivity. Together, first- and second-generation NVIDIA nForce platform processors offer customers the pinnacle of PC design, digital media features and technology innovations.

NVIDIA nForce Platform Architecture Tour
See the inner-workings of the revolutionary first-generation NVIDIA nForce Platform Processing Architecture in this technology tour.