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GeForce GTX 460 OEM

DirectX 11 Done Right

Tailor made to hit the gamers’ sweet spot, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 delivers revolutionary levels of price/performance. With up to 4x the DirectX 11 tessellation performance of the competition*, GeForce GTX 460 packs highly detailed visuals into your games - without sacrificing high frame rates. And with NVIDIA® 3D Vision™, PhysX®, and CUDA™ technologies, GeForce GTX 460 powers all the incredibly realistic effects that your games can throw its way.

DX11 Done Right
Treat your eyes to incredible visual details without sacrificing frame rates. With up to 4x¹ the geometry processing power over competing GPUs, you get incredibly detailed characters, terrain and game environments with blazing fast performance.
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Just Cause 2 image captured on NVIDIA GPU. Provided by Square Enix
Enter a New Dimension
Breakthrough the boundaries of your screen. Games, Blu-ray movies, videos and photos enter a new dimension to delight your senses with 3D Vision technology.

Mafia II image captured on NVIDIA GPU. Provided by 2K Games.
Bang For Your Buck
Get the perfect blend of power, performance, and price, without sacrificing your gaming experience. Blow away your enemies in full DirectX 11 graphics with NVIDIA PhysX® effects so realistic that you’ll have to remind yourself it’s just a game. Repeat: It’s just a game.

¹ GeForce GTX 460 has 4 times faster FPS versus Radeon HD 5830 in Microsoft DirectX 11 SDK subd11 tessellation test with maximum tessellation level set.