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GeForce 8200 mGPU

The NVIDIA® GeForce® 8200 motherboard GPU provides DirectX® 10 and HD movies to everyone. Enjoy Windows Vista™, today's popular games, and much more.

The NVIDIA GeForce 8200 motherboard GPU brings new graphics technologies to everyone. Enjoy Windows Vista and today's popular games with DirectX 10. Watch the latest Blu-ray and HD DVD titles with NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD technology. And turbo-charge your GeForce GPUs with GeForce Boost for amazing graphics performance. All at an exceptional value.

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DirectX 10 for Everyone
Get DirectX 10 at an affordable price to start experiencing Windows Vista, the games you've been waiting to play and better overall multimedia fun.

HD at 1080p for Everyone
Experience astounding Blu-ray and HD-DVD movie picture quality (supported formats include H.264, VC1 and MPEG2) with PureVideo HD technology.Enjoy enhanced system performance, reduced power consumption and quieter operation with minimal CPU utilization.

Turbo-charge your GeForce GPU
Turbocharge the performance of your GeForce GPU. Plug it into a GeForce 8200 motherboard to enjoy GeForce Boost and enhanced graphics performance.
Give your graphics card a GeForce boost
Give your graphics a GeForce boost
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