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Quadro FX 380

Get a 50% performance boost over previous generations with the NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 380, the professional graphics solution offered at an affordable price.

Digital artists and designers can now create stunning 3D designs from a professional platform. Enabling EnergyStar compliance, Quadro FX 380 provides extreme power efficiency to save you money. Certified on all industry-leading applications and featuring automatic configuration of display settings, Quadro FX 380 provides both power efficiency and performance.

50% Higher Performance at an Affordable Price*
Interact with your data much faster with 250% increase in memory bandwidth reducing the need to switch to wire frame during zooming, panning, spinning, and orientation. Up to 900% faster performance in industry-leading CAD applications versus consumer graphics.**

NVIDIA Application Configuration Engine (ACE)
Automatically adjusts graphics settings for optimized application performance from the start, minimizing time wasted by manually adjusting settings.

CUDA Parallel Computing Architecture
NVIDIA® CUDA™ is a revolutionary parallel computing architecture for Quadro professional GPUs enabling breakthrough performance in areas such as video encoding, image processing, and accurate physics.

Modo image created by Muharraqi-Studios (Khalid Al-muharraqi)

Power Efficiency for Reduced Cost
Power saving techniques enables EnergyStar compliant workstations to efficiently manage power consumption, without sacrificing performance.

Designed, Tested, and Built by NVIDIA
Meets ultra high standards of quality assurance for reduced system downtime.

* Based on Quadro FX 380 SPECviewperf® 10 Weighted Geometric Mean
** Based on Autodesk AutoCAD 3D Hidden visual style graphics benchmark