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Tuesday, August 4
9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Wednesday, August 5
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Thursday, August 6
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NVIDIA is hiring!

Visit us at Booth 28 at the Siggraph Job Fair to explore exciting career opportunities at NVIDIA. Learn More

Tuesday, August 4
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Wednesday, August 5
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Show off your creative talent and Win!

Stop by the NVIDIA® Sketch Match Booth and join the hottest real-time, art competition. Hourly, you’ll have a chance to show off your creativity as you race the clock and compete against fellow illustrators, animators and designers.

The NVIDIA Sketch Match competition will run all three days of the SIGGRAPH exhibition at booth #3424. Please sign up on-site and try your chance at winning some fabulous prizes.

Prizes include: award-winning NVIDIA® Quadro® professional solutions, professional software packages, and more…


NVIDIA will be spearheading a SIGGRAPH charity bash on Tuesday, August 4th at 9pm. Please join us and help raise funds for New Orleans.

Find out the event location by visiting the NVIDIA booth #2101!

JPR Press & Analyst Luncheon

Join NVIDIA and mental images at the JPR Press & Analyst luncheon and discussion titled “The convergence of CG computing and visualization”.
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Wednesday, August 5
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

The GPU Revolution is Here!
From interactive ray tracing to real-time visualization of enormous data sets, see how the massively parallel processing capabilities of NVIDIA® GPUs are powering innovation in art and science. At SIGGRAPH 2009, NVIDIA® (booth# 2101) will be showcasing the breadth of NVIDIA® CUDA™-based GPU solutions that are powering the next wave of interactive graphics and computing. We invite you to learn more about NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics solutions, NVIDIA® Tesla® computing solutions, and NVIDIA® ION™ graphics processors.

NVIDIA® CUDA™ is a revolutionary parallel computing architecture for NVIDIA graphics processors (GPUs) that enables breakthrough applications in the areas of consumer gaming, digital media, professional visualization, and supercomputing. On display are the large array of applications and solutions currently based on the CUDA architecture.

See the Big Picture with NVIDIA® Quadro® Scalable Visualization Solutions
The Quadro Plex scalable visualization solution (SVS) enables a real-time, rendering of the Visible Human Project data set from a single workstation.  The break-through demonstration shows real-time interaction with 12 GB of voxel data, creating an anatomically detailed, 3D representation of a human body. Developed on OpenSceneGraph and extended with NVIDIA® CompleX™, this application renders a fully interactive volumetric body image derived from 1 millimeter sectional image slices.  The capabilities now offered by solutions like these are vital in advancing scientific discoveries in fields from energy exploration to biomedical research.

The Quadro Plex SVS enables easy interaction with massive datasets in real-time across high resolution displays. This example features Storm Fjord’s Kristen oil rig, consisting of over 65 million polygons, as well as, a Mersive collaborative display with auto-calibration technology.  This demonstration developed with the CompleX scene scaling engine, leverages the power of multiple Quadro GPUs to enable interactive visualization of ultra-complex scenes.

Across Eight Displays with NVIDIA® Quadro® Plex SVS
Quadro Plex scalable visualization solutions enable simple and economical installations of ultra-high-resolution, multi-display environments. Highlighting the expansive reach of NVIDIA® technology, this example features the simplicity of scaling any application on up to eight displays. This demonstration is powered by Anark Studio and two NVIDIA Quadro Plex systems.

Building Applications with NVIDIA® Application Acceleration Engines
The NVIDIA® SceniX™ scene management engine is the interactive core powering many of today’s most demanding professional real-time 3D graphics applications. Delivering exceptional interactivity and realism within an easy to integrate framework, this demonstration shows a real-time scanning of car paint to CgFX shaders and interactive ray tracing with the NVIDIA® OptiX™ engine.

Interactive Ray Tracing with NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine
The OptiX engine elevates applications to a new level of interactive realism by greatly increasing ray tracing speeds on NVIDIA® Quadro® FX professional graphics solutions using the NVIDIA® CUDA™ GPU computing architecure. What traditionally took minutes in software now takes milliseconds with the OptiX engine, allowing designers to interactively examine the play of light, reflection, refraction and shadow within real-world scenes, all on industry standard hardware.

Collaborative 3D Web Applications with mental images RealityServer®
RealityServer is a 3D web services platform for creating and deploying interactive and collaborative 3D applications that is highly scalable to thousands of servers. Demonstrated are cutting edge, client-server examples employing the latest version and giving a technology preview of an upcoming interactive global illumination capability.

Shader Creation and Editing with mental mill
mental mill® enables artists, designers and technical directors to develop, test, share and maintain MetaSL shaders for GPU and CPU rendering with an intuitive graphical user interface. Showcased is the workflow between the MetaSL Material Library, mental mill Standard Edition and Autodesk 3ds Max. Learn how to leverage a set of quality pre-made shader materials, customize them with mental mill, and exploit GPU advancements by rendering in real-time in the 3ds Max viewport or with mental ray®.

Create Better Applications with NVIDIA® Developer Tools
NVIDIA has a wide range of developer tools, such as PhysX, CUDA SDKs, and PerfHUD, directed at professional developers who need industrial-strength capabilities and support. Shown will be the PhysX plug-ins for Max and Maya, including Rigid Bodies, Rigid Groups, Constraints, Automatic Ragdolls, and APEX Clothing. Various sample projects showcasing individual features will be displayed and edited.

Cutting-edge Digital Prototyping with NVIDIA® CUDA™ -based Autodesk Moldflow
Part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, Autodesk Moldflow software simulates the injection molding process to predict the flow behavior of plastic, allowing customers to help simulate and optimize their plastic parts and associated molds and achieve higher-quality and more profitable manufacturing. Moldflow 2010 is the first plastic injection molding software application to leverage the revolutionary CUDA parallel processing architecture of the Quadro GPUs, which has resulted in a more than 2X performance increase.

Advanced Molecular Simulations Run 100X Faster with NVIDIA® Tesla™
See how you can run the latest NAMD/VMD research codes 20X-100X faster with Tesla GPUs. This demonstration, which is a simulation of 20,000 atoms used in gene sequencing, is shown on a Tesla C1060 GPU and the CUDA parallel computing architecture. This scale of simulation is only possible on a workstation using CUDA acceleration. The Tesla C1060 delivers cluster-level performance to your desktop.