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  • PCI Express Certified

    Designed to run perfectly with the next-generation PCI Express bus architecture. This new bus doubles the bandwidth of AGP 8x delivering over 4GB/s in both upstream and downstream data transfers.

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GeForce FX


Cinematic Computing for Every User

Now Including GeForce PCX: The Industry’s First Top-to-Bottom Family of PCI Express GPUs

The top-to-bottom family of NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX GPUs provide both high-performance gaming for enthusiasts and best-in-class features for mainstream users. Whether you're a bleeding-edge gamer who desires the most advanced gaming technology available, or a PC user in search of the perfect combination of power, performance, and value--GeForce FX solutions deliver.


Performance Models: Dominate Your Games Designed for high-performance gaming, the GeForce FX and GeForce PCX 5700 GPUs deliver cinematic effects, unmatched features, and rock-solid stability for next-generation games.

Mainstream Models: Cinematic Graphics Power The GeForce FX 5200 GPUs and the GeForce PCX 5300 GPUs deliver the performance you expect from NVIDIA graphics: with best-in-class features, performance, and reliability at a great price.

CineFX Engine X
CineFX 2.0 EngineX 
Intellisample HCTX 
nView TechnologyXX
Maximum Memory256MB128MB
Vertices/sec.356 million81 million