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The NVIDIA nForce® 600a Series is the foundation for multi-core CPU desktop architectures. Engineered for passionate multimedia enthusiasts it is designed with the following features:
Ideal Home Content Creation Platform
  • Hardware support for up to 4 single graphics cards and up to 8 independent displays (for the extreme multimedia enthusiast)
  • Designed for AMD multi-core CPUs

Massive Media Storage
  • Supports up to 12 SATA 3Gbps hard drives for scalable storage
  • NVIDIA MediaShield™ software safeguards your most important digital media assets

High-Performance Gaming
  • Designed for NVIDIA SLI™ technology
  • Additional hardware support for Quad SLI and GPU Physics
  • Supports SLI Memory for superior memory overclockability and enhanced system performance

Prioritized Networking and Connectivity
  • Support for 4 Gigabit Ethernet Connections
  • Optimized with NVIDIA FirstPacket™ technology

The NVIDIA nForce 680a SLI media and communications processor (MCP) is engineered for the passionate multimedia enthusiast. Run content creation applications on multi-core-CPUs and display them on up to eight separate monitors. Store up to 9TB of music, video and photo creations across as many as 12 hard drives and stream over up to four Gigabit Ethernet connections. Play games at extreme resolutions for an intense, incredibly-real experience. Take advantage of high-bandwidth networking with traffic prioritization to transfer a 60-minute video in about one second! With the nForce 680a SLI MCP in your PC, you can create, share, and store your work with confidence.

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