HyperTransport™ PCI Express Tunnel Chip for Athlon™ 64 CPU

Product Overview

ULi M1695 is a new generation HyperTransport™ PCI Express Bridge chip that supports a wide range of AMD Athlon™ 64 processors including Socket 754, Socket 940 and Socket 939 CPUs.

Featuring the advanced HyperTransport™ tunneling architecture, ULi M1695 offers system manufacturers unprecedented design-flexibility to seamlessly interconnect with other HyperTransport™-based Host and Bridge chips.

Unlike other existing PCIe-AGP combination solutions that either  supports lesser PCI Express lanes (e.g. PCIe x4) or AGP 8X interface running under PCI mode, ULi's M1695 when paired with the ULi M1567 South Bridge, offer simultaneous support for PCI Express x16, and AGP 8X graphics interfaces that makes it possible to  connect to multiple monitor displays.

M1695 provides PCI Express link at either the 1 x16 (4 GB/Sec peak bandwidth per direction) or the 2 x8 configurations to support next-generation high-performance PCI Express 3D graphic controllers. Coupled with the additional PCI Express link at either 2 x1 or 1 x4 (or x1 or x2) configuration to support high-speed I/O devices, M1695 offers tremendous throughput that easily meet the requirements of the most demanding multimedia applications. The versatility of M1695 enables system manufacturers to build powerful PC systems with ease and at reasonably low cost.

With up to 2 GT/sec. over both the upstream and the downstream HyperTransport™ links, optimum performance are ensured between M1695 and the connecting CPU (or host device), as well as between M1695 and the connecting Bridge device (e.g. South Bridge).

Key Features

Supports All AMD Athlon™ 64 processors Provide flexibility in supporting wide range of AMD's advanced 64-bit architecture processors.
PCI Express interface for graphics and I/O devices Support next-generation one PCI Express x16 lanes or two x8 lanes for graphics cards/ devices. Supports two PCI Express x1 or 1x4 expansion slots. This new bus delivers over 4 GB/s in both upstream and downstream data transfers.
16 x 16 HyperTransport Link Bus @ 2.0 GT/sec. Support lightning transfer of up to 16-bit HTT downstream and 16-bit HTT upstream link at 2.0 Giga-Transfer/sec. ensuring real-time communication between processor and connecting bridges.
Supports TGi (paired with M1567) Support full PCI Express x16, AGP 8X, PCI graphics cards simultaneously on the same platform. Provide users flexibility to use 3 graphics standards which makes it possible to support multiple monitor displays.
HyperTransport™ Tunnel Architecture HyperTransport™ tunnel architecture integrates non-blocking symmetrical HyperTransport™ 2.0 links which enables motherboard manufacturers and system integrators to pair up M1695 with other high performance HyperTransport™-based chipsets and bridge devices either natively or via the HTX™ connector.

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