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Investing in Next-Gen GPU Leaders

GPU Ventures Program

The GPU Ventures Program provides marketing, operational, financial and other support to young ambitious companies founding their businesses around NVIDIA technologies.

NVIDIA is committed to supporting the vibrant ecosystem of developers that have adopted NVIDIA technologies. We would like to hear about your use of our technologies in areas such as i.e. video and image enhancement, scientific discovery, financial analysis, visualization, high performance computing, automotive, cloud computing, mobile applications and others.

Investments are expected to range from $500K to $5Million, and strategic partnerships are expected to span joint sales & marketing, joint development, product distribution and beyond.

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How to Submit Your Proposal:

Please provide the following information:

  • Company name, contact name, telephone number, WEB site and email address.
  • A brief non-confidential overview of your company and its business, including:
    • Product(s), (With a brief description of how you are using NVIDIA Technologies)
    • Target market
    • Business model
    • Stage of business (Startup, early stage, growth)
    • Management
    • etc. (including any attachments as necessary e.g. text document, spreadsheet/graphs, presentations, video, etc.)

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