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Creative Studio Enhances Visual Effects and Virtual Production with Real-Time Rendering


SOKRISPY accelerates workflows using Unreal Engine, DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic cameras, and an NVIDIA RTX-powered mobile workstation.





Use Case

Real-time Rendering, VFX, Content Creation


NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000

Exceptional Visual Effects

Started by content creators Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh, creative studio, SOKRISPYMEDIA, produces short videos that are packed with high-quality visual effects. Since posting one of their first videos, Chalk Warfare 1, on YouTube, the team has regularly published short films that display captivating graphics and visual effects. SOKRISPYMEDIA consistently looks for emerging technologies that can help them take storytelling to the next level. For their latest short film, The Future of CGI, the SOKRISPY team did a complete behind-the-scenes documentary using the latest technologies for virtual production.

With a Dell Precision workstation powered by NVIDIA RTXTM, the creators used real-time rendering to enhance visual effects and improve the content creation pipeline.


Revolutionizing Visual Effects with the Latest 3D Tools

For SOKRISPYMEDIA, visual effects are a core element of all the content they create. With over 435 million views on YouTube, the creative studio focuses on making innovative, highly engaging original content.

Today, a big breakthrough for content creators comes in the form of 3D tools, ready-to-use visual effects, and real-time ray tracing. This technology was previously reserved for big VFX studios that work on Hollywood blockbusters, but is now becoming more accessible to small teams and creators on YouTube. SOKRISPYMEDIA wanted to leverage these new tools to create better content faster than before.

Recently, the creators at SOKRISPYMEDIA ran an entire virtual production pipeline in their latest short film named The Future of CGI. Using advanced technologies, the studio was able to produce the video and create the visual effects in a faster, more cost-efficient way.

Unlocking the Power of NVIDIA RTX to Enhance Creative Workflows

For the Future of CGI film, SOKRISPYMEDIA utilized the latest technology to refine and improve their creative workflows. The creators enhanced their virtual production process by using Unreal Engine and a Dell Precision 7750 mobile workstation featuring an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPU. Additionally, the team used high-quality cameras and DaVinci Resolve software from Blackmagic Design.

With the power of NVIDIA RTX technology, SOKRISPYMEDIA was able to render images in real time. This accelerated their creative pipelines and even allowed them to explore additional creative ideas on the spot.

RTX Difference (1)

Image courtesy of SOKRISPYMEDIA

Time Savings with Real-Time Rendering

“Real-time rendering is the future of the work we do, enabling us to work faster, iterate more quickly and workshop tons of different sequences on the fly, rather than waiting hundreds of hours for renders to preview over the course of a project,” said Micah Malinics, producer at SOKRISPYMEDIA.

In addition to saving time, the SOKRISPY team enhanced their experience on set with the RTX-powered mobile workstation. They were able to begin the VFX work upfront through asset creation and visualization, and utilize those exact assets on set through motion capture or live link virtual cameras.

SOKRISPYMEDIA used Unreal Engine to render the video in real time. DaVinci Resolve also played a big role in accelerating creative workflows, as it utilized the NVIDIA RTX GPUs to dramatically improve playback and performance, and allowed the team to preview and color footage while they edit.

NVIDIA RTX GPUs, Blackmagic Design Cameras and Dell Precision Workstations: A Winning Combination for SOKRISPYMEDIA

From the beginning, NVIDIA RTX GPUs have powered SOKRISPY films, allowing their team to work faster and iterate more often to get the perfect look and feel. They no longer need to wait hundreds of hours to preview renders, because everything can be produced in real time.

“Today, we’re able to use NVIDIA graphic cards to bring so much more to life on screen than we ever thought possible,” said Sam Wickert, creative director and co-creator at SOKRISPYMEDIA. “NVIDIA RTX GPUs give us the power to visualize and render real-time, photorealistic 3D content.”

Blackmagic Design has brought cine-grade cameras to content creators through the Blackmagic URSA Mini and Pocket Cinema Camera products. The team can capture more color, bit-depth, and uncompressed RAW files than previously possible.

The Dell Precision workstation allows the team to work on-the-go with desktop-level performance in a portable form factor, which makes it easier than ever for SOKRISPYMEDIA to set up the hardware needed for running these productions.

These latest advances in technology are helping SOKRISPYMEDIA change the way they make content, allowing creators to make better graphics and visuals for audiences much faster, cheaper and at a higher fidelity than ever before.

“NVIDIA RTX GPUs give us the power to visualize and render real-time, photorealistic 3D content.”

Sam Wickert
Creative Director and Co-Creator, SOKRISPYMEDIA


  • For their latest short film, SOKRISPYMEDIA used an NVIDIA RTX-powered Dell Precision 7750 mobile workstation to enhance their visual effects and virtual production pipelines.
  • SOKRISPYMEDIA used real-time compositing and ray tracing with NVIDIA RTX, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, camera tracking, and Rokoko Motion Capture suits.
  • The Blackmagic URSA Mini and Pocket Cinema Camera helped the team capture more color, bit-depth, and uncompressed RAW files.

Reasons for NVIDIA

  • The NVIDIA RTX GPU in the Dell Mobile workstation allowed SOKRISPYMEDIA to render high-quality content and visual effects for their videos in real time.ects and virtual production pipelines.
  • With NVIDIA RTX and Unreal Engine, the team at SOKRISPYMEDIA Media was able to do real- time compositing of CG characters with live action film.
  • NVIDIA RTX allowed SOKRISPYMEDIA to immediately see the final results and iterate more quickly, cutting time and improving efficiency.