Voice Kiosks for Smart Hospitals


Helping hospitals operate at peak efficiency and improve patient experiences with their smart hospital solution



Use Case

Hospital Operations


NVIDIA DeepStream, NVIDIA Riva, NVIDIA T4/A40/V100 Tensor Core GPU, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

Artisight helps many top U.S. hospitals operate at peak efficiency and improve patient experiences with their smart hospital solution, which includes automated check-in and notification voice solutions powered by Riva text-to-speech.

Alleviating Workflow Bottlenecks

Artisight, an IoT sensor network for healthcare, aims to improve operations, productivity, financial performance, and patient experiences. To achieve this, the company is automating tedious tasks such as calling patients to registration windows and lab check-in.

Reducing Patients’ Wait Time with NVIDIA Riva

In the past, hospital receptionists needed to manually register patients and alert them in the waiting room when the doctor was available. The time-consuming process led to lower hospital productivity and a less desirable patient experience. Artisight developed smart hospital solutions that automate check-in and notify waiting patients via voice-enabled kiosks. These solutions integrate a customized speech AI application and deliver real-time performance using GPU Accelerated NVIDIA Riva’s text-to-speech skills.


Scaling Workflows with Automated, High-Quality Service

Across the healthcare industry, Artisight’s solutions help top U.S. hospitals coordinate care for over 1,200 patients a day. Voice-enabled solutions automate the check-in process and deliver a convenient, streamlined registration experience that reduces wait times by 50 percent. This automation also eliminates data entry errors, leading to improved staff productivity and patient satisfaction.


  • Greater operational efficiency with voice kiosks serving over 1,200 hospital patients per day

  • Patient loyalty due to better experiences based on reduced wait time by 50% and provided estimated wait time

About Artisight

Artisight is a deep learning technology provider for healthcare. Their IoT platform uses end-to-end encryption to source and aggregate sensor data, such as video feeds, Bluetooth, RFID, and voice recognition, from across a healthcare system. It’s on this HIPAA-compliant platform that Artisight develops intelligent, automated solutions that solve healthcare’s most challenging workflow and resource-optimization problems.

“Our customers leverage voice kiosks powered by NVIDIA® Riva text-to-speech to reduce wait time by 50 percent and increase patient satisfaction.”

Andrew Gostine
CEO and Founder, Artsight