NVIDIA 3D Vision Controller Driver 267.31

Version: NVIDIA 3D Vision Controller Driver v267.31 WHQL
Release Date: 2011.03.30
Operating System: Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32-bit
Language: English (U.S.)
File Size: 1.87 MB

Release Highlights

With Release 260 drivers, the installation process for 3D Vision has changed. This driver is for the 3D Vision IR emitter, either the USB emitter or built-in notebook emitter. If you are using 3D Vision, you need to install the GeForce Release 265 graphics driver which now contains 3D Vision core driver features.

Please view this knowledgebase article for more information on the changes.

NVIDIA 3D Vision Release Highlights

  • This driver supports GeForce GTX 580 GPU only.

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove all old GeForce graphics drivers and 3D Vision drivers.
  2. Download the Release 265 GeForce Driver and the 3D Vision Controller Driver
  3. Install the Release 265 Graphics driver. You may be promoted to uninstall older drivers first.
  4. After installation, you should see a message that says the Install has finished and the GeForce Driver and 3D Vision Driver are now installed
  5. Install the 3D Vision Controller Driver
  6. Browse to the NVIDIA Control Panel > Set-up Stereoscopic 3D page and click the button to Enable Stereoscopic 3D to start the 3D Vision Setup Wizard to complete setup.

Supported products

Minimum system requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32-bit/64-bit or Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit
  • Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ X2 CPU or higher
  • 1GB of system memory. (2GB is recommended)
  • 100 MB free disk space

NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready displays devices

Please visit the 3D Vision System Requirements website for a full list of supported displays and projectors.


Please visit the 3D Vision System Requirements website for a full list of supported GeForce desktop and notebook GPUs.

For information on NVIDIA® Quadro® professional stereo support click here.

Supported Microsoft DirectX® Games
View the complete list of certified games

3D Picture Viewing

  • View, edit and save 3D pictures with the 3D Vision Photo Viewer (included with 3D Vision driver). For more information, please consult the user guide.
  • Supported 3D picture file formats

3D Movie Playback

  • Supports 3D movie viewing using
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player Overview
    • General Features
      • Supports Video for Windows (*.avi), MPEG-1 (*.mpg) and Windows Media (*.wmv, *.asf) format
      • Supports Windows Media Dual Stream files
      • Supports separate left/right files
      • Digital Rights Management (for stereoscopic Windows Media files only)
      • Playback of any other format supported by third party DirectShow decoders
      • Windows Media 7.1 and 5.1 multichannel audio decoding
      • Windows Media streaming
      • 3D-DVD playback 1
      • Live playback from capture devices (TV card, DV camcorder, ...)
      • Built-in video library stores settings for each movie
      • Retrieves data from stereoscopic metadata servers
      • Import and export of stereoscopic metafiles
    • Supported stereoscopic video layout
      • Monoscopic
      • Interlaced (Field-Sequential)
      • Side by Side
      • Over/Under
      • Multi-View (Tiled)
      • SIS Attachment

3D Web Streaming

Please visit the 3D Vision Stream website for more information.


Please visit the 3D Vision Blu-ray website for more information

Additional information