NVIDIA at Automate 2022

June 6 - 9 | Detroit, MI

Visit us at booth 1643 to learn more about using NVIDIA’s end-to-end AI manufacturing solutions to accelerate and streamline your operations.

Visit us at Automate from June 6-9 and learn how to use NVIDIA’s AI platforms for manufacturing, robotics, and logistics to improve efficiency, scalability, and production across multiple industries. Be sure to attend our keynote panel discussions and education sessions.

Revolutionizing Logistics and Manufacturing with AI and Virtual Environments

Join Kroger, Kinetic Vision, Ready Robotics, Visual Components, Rockwell Automation, and NVIDIA for a discussion on leveraging AI and physically-accurate simulation environments to optimize operations. Panelists will discuss real applications of 3D virtual worlds that are being used today to improve productivity.

Deepu Talla, VP of Embedded and Edge Computing, NVIDIA (Moderator)
Victoria Uti, Director, Principal Research Engineer, Kroger
Jeremy Jerrett, President, Kinetic Vision
Kel Guerin, CIO, Ready Robotics
Mikko Urho, CEO, Visual Components
Amadou Diaw, Head of Sales, Rockwell Automation

MONDAY, JUNE 6, 3:15 p.m. EST ›

Logistics and Manufacturing with AI
Robotics & Automation

CEO Roundtable: How Robotics & Automation is Transforming the American Economy

Tune into a session between leading experts in their field for a discussion on the emerging industry of robotics and automation. Gain insights on how the economy is being accelerated by automation and leveraging AI in environments and industries like retail, agriculture and healthcare.

Deepu Talla, VP of Embedded and Edge Computing, NVIDIA
Mike Cicco, CEO, FANUC
Greg Smith, President - Industrial Group, Teradyne
Melonee Wise, Founder, Fetch Robotics

TUESDAY, JUNE 7, 10:30 a.m. EST ›

Keynote Panel: How Artificial Intelligence is Powering the Next Wave of Manufacturing

You can’t watch a football game without seeing the advertising pronouncements: “Artificial intelligence will solve all your production challenges!” But it’s not that simple. AI isn’t a magic wand. But it’s not hype either. Smart technologies will power the next wave of manufacturing. Join us for this expert discussion on how to put AI to use in your operations to seize the opportunities and overcome the hurdles.

Dieter Fox, Senior Director, Robotics Research, NVIDIA
Eric Anderson, GM, AWS Robotics
Joe Lui, Global Head of Robotics, Accenture
Jorge Arinez, Manager - Manufacturing Systems, General Motors
Irene J. Petrick, Sr. Director of Industrial Innovation, Intel

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 1:00 p.m. EST ›

Dieter Fox

Automate Conference Classes

Vision AI in Manufacturing Operations

Fast & Furious: How Vision AI is Transforming Manufacturing in Factories

Join Piyush Modi as he moderates a panel with Siemens, Musashi, Landing AI, and Drishti on how the world’s leading companies are using vision AI applications to advance manufacturing operations. Gain insight into solutions that are improving quality control, reducing waste, and minimizing risky environments for workers.

Piyush Modi, IBD, NVIDIA

Wednesday, June 8, 10:00 - 10:45 a.m. EST

Edge AI and Robotics

How AI at the Edge is Transforming Manufacturing and Logistics

Edge AI and robotics are playing a vital role in transforming industrial automation processes in manufacturing and logistics. Adding intelligence at the edge enables machines in production to sense the environment, act autonomously, and make critical decisions. Learn how NVIDIA’s AI platform improves productivity, safety, and the skills of autonomous machines.

Amit Goel, Director, Product Manager, NVIDIA

Tuesday, June 7, 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. EST

Synthetic Data for Automating Factories

Why Synthetic Data is Mission-Critical for Automating Factories and Warehouses

In this session, Gerard Andrews will introduce the concept of synthetic data generation and how it can be leveraged to make performant AI-perception models for machine learning (ML) systems that are deployed in factories and warehouses.

Gerard Andrews, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

Tuesday, June 7, 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. EST

End-to-End Solutions for AI & Robotics

NVIDIA pre-trained models

Train High Accuracy Models Faster

Start with NVIDIA pre-trained models and augment with synthetic data generated in the NVIDIA Isaac Replicator and use NVIDIA TAO for  training to achieve target performance.

NVIDIA Omniverse

Simulate and Create Digital Twins

Leverage Isaac Sim on NVIDIA Omniverse to create physically accurate virtual robots in photorealistic environments to develop and test every aspect of their operation.

Autonomous Robots

Build Efficient, Autonomous Robots

Add performant perception to your robot based on NVIDIA Jetson with Isaac ROS GEMs, NVIDIA DeepStream for vision AI, and NVIDIA Riva for conversational AI.

Deploy and Manage Robot Fleets

Deploy and Manage Robot Fleets

Optimize robot productivity with NVIDIA Fleet Command and Isaac for AMR that includes NVIDIA Metropolis, CuOpt, and DeepMap.

NVIDIA AI Solutions Showcase

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon’s over 200 fulfillment centers handle tens of millions of packages per day, a complex operation requiring over half a million mobile drive robots to support warehouse logistics. Amazon Robotics is building digital twins of their warehouses in NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and NVIDIA Isaac Sim to better optimize warehouse design and flow, to train more intelligent robot assistants, and improve overall productivity.

Pepsico with NVIDIA Omniverse and Metropolis


One billion PepsiCo products are consumed each day, enabled by a complex network of hundreds of distribution centers. With NVIDIA partner Kinetic Vision, PepsiCo is developing AI-powered digital twins of their distribution centers in NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and optimizing operations with NVIDIA Metropolis and NVIDIA TAO—improving throughput, reducing downtime, and reducing energy consumption.

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