Computer Vision Speaker Series

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Oct. 25 | Nov. 1 | Nov. 8 | Nov. 15

Join us for a series of expert-led talks with speakers from PepsiCo, Runway, SoftServe, and AWS on how they deployed GPU-accelerated SDKs for their computer vision (CV) applications.

CV applications are making a tremendous difference in every industry, from content creation to robotics and retail. During the series, you'll have the opportunity to hear from top leaders in innovative companies about how they use CV to boost their applications and overcome challenges. There will also be a Q&A module to answer any questions you may have on these topics.


Wed, Oct. 25 | 8:00–8:45 a.m. PT

Optimizing AI Image and Video Generation Tools with NVIDIA and Runway

Runway is a full-stack, applied AI research company that trains and builds generative AI models for content creation. Most recently, Runway launched Gen-2, a multi-modal AI video model and first publicly available text-to-video model. In partnership with NVIDIA, Runway is working to improve their models' processing speeds and controllability, and is ensuring their tools can be used safely by creators and artists

Deepti Ghadiyaram—Research Scientist, Runway

Wed, Nov. 1 | 8:00–8:45 a.m. PT

Transforming Warehouse Operation Management Using Computer Vision and Digital Twins

Computer vision has become ubiquitous, accelerating human tasks and improving accuracy by giving computers the ability to “see”. In this talk, we’ll highlight the work that uses various computer vision technologies including NVIDIA Metropolis and the TAO Toolkit to identify objects of interest, track them, and build logic pipelines for analytics applications to improve warehouse operations. We’ll also talk about how we used NVIDIA Omniverse™ to create digital twin 3D assets in simulation models that can feed into the computer vision models to efficiently scale up the application.

Jingting Hui—Associate Principal Engineer, PepsiCo

Wed, Nov. 8 | 8:00–8:45 a.m. PT

Enhancing Robotic Perception: Synthetic Data Generation using Omniverse Replicator

Speakers will discuss the usage of the NVIDIA Omniverse™ Replicator in the robotics pipeline. They will showcase the usage of the NVIDIA Omniverse™ Replicator in a few projects in the agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, and space fields of robotics, as well as discuss the benefits and limitations of using synthetic data generation in robotics.

Lyubomyr Demkiv—Robotics Practice Leader, SoftServe

Markiian Matsiuk—Robotics Expert, SoftServe

Wed, Nov. 15 | 8:00–8:45 a.m. PT

Decoding Medical Images in AWS HealthImaging Using NVIDIA nvJPEG2000

AWS HealthImaging (AHI) is a HIPAA-eligible, highly scalable, performant, and cost-effective medical imagery store. It delivers sub-second image retrieval latencies at scale powered by lossless High-Throughput JPEG 2000 (HTJ2K) encoding. The client application can retrieve medical images from AHI and decode with HTJ2K using the nvJPEG2000 developed by NVIDIA at incredibly fast speeds. Decoding on the GPU is extremely beneficial, as the image data is already in GPU memory for model training. This eliminates the need to copy data in case decoding on the CPU and enables fast HPC use cases at lower cost.

Steve Fu—Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Mahesh Khadatare - Senior CUDA MATH Library Engineer/ Team Leader, NVIDIA


Deepti Ghadiyaram

Research Scientist/Runway

Jingting Hui

Associate Principal Engineer/Pepsi

Lyubomyr Demkiv

Robotics Practice Leader/SoftServe

Markiian Matsiuk

Robotics Expert/SoftServe

Dr. Steve Fu

Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Mahesh Khadatare

Senior CUDA MATH Library Engineer/ Team Leader

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