NVIDIA at HPE Discover Barcelona 2023

November 29–December 1, 2023

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Collaborates With NVIDIA to Deliver an Enterprise-Class, Full-Stack Gen AI Solution

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Fuels Business Transformation With New AI-Native Architecture and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Accelerate AI With NVIDIA at HPE Discover Barcelona

Join NVIDIA-sponsored sessions, visit our AI Pavilion, and watch demos to see how our technology is accelerating AI from edge to cloud.

Watch the Keynote

Watch NVIDIA VP of Enterprise Computing Manuvir Das speak alongside HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri during the November 30 keynote.

Session Schedule

Date and Time Session ID Session
Thurs, Nov 30 | 14:30 CET IS6292 Compute Engineered for Your Hybrid World
Thurs, Nov 30 | 15:30 CET DB6392 Build Enterprise AI Chatbots: Conception to Deployment
Fri, Dec 01 | 11:00 CET DB6391 Be an IT Superhero: Build Generative AI-ready Data Centers

AI Pavilion Sponsored by NVIDIA

Visit the AI Pavilion at booth #1004 to learn about HPE and NVIDIA AI solutions with key independent software vendors (ISVs) across financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, the public sector, and retail.

Explore NVIDIA Solutions

NVIDIA AI Platform

NVIDIA AI is the end-to-end open platform for production AI. It includes NVIDIA accelerated computing infrastructure and a software stack that encompasses infrastructure optimization, development tools, and diverse application frameworks.

Generative AI for Enterprises

Generative AI capabilities are taking the world by storm—from summarizing text to composing images, writing code, and more. These applications require customized AI that not only understands specific businesses and domains but also can accomplish high-value tasks.

Next-Generation AI Inference

NVIDIA offers the performance, efficiency, and responsiveness critical to powering modern AI inference workloads such as computer vision, speech AI, natural language processing (NLP), generative AI, recommender systems, and more. Deploy accelerated AI inference with the NVIDIA platform.

Production AI With NVIDIA AI Enterprise

NVIDIA AI Enterprise, the software layer of the NVIDIA AI platform, powers end-to-end AI workflow. With over100 frameworks, pretrained models, and development tools, NVIDIA AI Enterprise accelerates enterprises to the leading edge of AI, while simplifying AI to make it accessible to every enterprise.

Accelerated Computing for Modern Applications

Modern applications are transforming every business, from data analytics for better business forecasting, to AI for autonomous vehicles, to advanced visualization for medical diagnosis. HPE NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ provide the infrastructure to power these applications, no matter where they’re run.

Accelerated Networking for Modern Workloads

NVIDIA networking offers complete Ethernet and InfiniBand solutions for data centers, from server connectivity to cables to switching. These end-to-end solutions deliver industry-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and value across a wide range of applications such as cloud computing, data storage, AI, and more.

Programs and Technical Training

NVIDIA Inception Program for Startups

Inception provides 14,000 cutting-edge startups worldwide with critical go-to-market support, technical expertise, training, and introductions to funding opportunities to accelerate their business. See how program members across industries are using NVIDIA technology to create innovative products.

NVIDIA Training

Our expert-led courses and workshops provide learners with the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to unlock the full potential of NVIDIA solutions. NVIDIA Training offers customized training plans designed to bridge technical skill gaps and provide relevant, timely, and cost effective solutions for an organization's growth and development.

NVIDIA Developer Program

Join our free Developer Program to access the 600+ SDKs, AI models, community forums, tech blogs, and technical resources that can accelerate your work and advance your skills.

Drive deeper insights, advance research, and accelerate innovation. NVIDIA is revolutionizing the future of industries with AI.

Join NVIDIA at HPE Discover Barcelona 2023.