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Thank you for joining us at ICRA 2022! NVIDIA Researchers came together to share revolutionary ideas on the future of robotics and automation. See the latest breakthroughs in AI, high-fidelity physics modeling, and 3D rendering to simulate and deploy advanced perception, mobility, and manipulation capabilities in robots.

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Featured Speakers

Dieter Fox

Dieter Fox

Liila Torabi

Liila Torabi

Erwin Coumans

Erwin Coumans

Animesh Garg

Animesh Garg

NVIDIA Research at ICRA

Our accepted papers cover a wide range of groundbreaking research–from human robot interaction and collaboration to novel approaches to controller design. Explore the exceptional work we bring to the ICRA community.

Long-Horizon Manipulation of Unknown Objects via Task and Motion Planning with Estimated Affordances

Aidan Curtis, Xiaolin Fang, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, Tomás Lozano-Pérez, Caelan Reed Garrett | Paper

Probabilistic Inference of Simulation Parameters via Parallel Differentiable Simulation

Eric Heiden, Christopher E. Denniston, David Millard, Fabio Ramos, Gaurav Sukhatme | Paper

Bayesian Optimisation for Robust Model Predictive Control under Model Parameter Uncertainty

Rel Guzman, Rafael Oliveira, Fabio Ramos | Paper

StructFormer: Learning Spatial Structure for Language-Guided Semantic Rearrangement of Novel Objects

Weiyu Liu, Chris Paxton, Tucker Hermans, and Dieter Fox | Paper

Learning Visual Shape Control of Novel 3D Deformable Objects from Partial-View Point Clouds

Bao Thach, Brian Y. Cho, Alan Kuntz, and Tucker Hermans | Paper

Model Predictive Control for Fluid Human-to-Robot Handovers

Wei Yang, Balakumar Sundaralingam, Chris Paxton, Iretiayo Akinola, Yu-Wei Chao, Maya Cakmak, Dieter Fox | Paper

HandoverSim: A Simulation Framework and Benchmark for Human-to-Robot Object Handovers

Yu-Wei Chao, Chris Paxton, Yu Xiang, Wei Yang, Balakumar Sundaralingam, Tao Chen, Adithyavairavan Murali, Maya Cakmak, Dieter Fox | Paper

Geometric Fabrics: Generalizing Classical Mechanics to Capture the Physics of Behavior

Karl Van Wyk, Mandy Xie, Anqi Li, Muhammad Asif Rana, Buck Babich, Bryan Peele, Qian Wan, Iretiayo Akinola, Balakumar Sundaralingam, Dieter Fox, Byron Boots, Nathan D. Ratliff | Paper

PlaTe: Visually-Grounded Planning with Transformers in Procedural Tasks

Jiankai Sun, De-An Huang,  Bo Lu, Yun-Hui Liu, Bolei Zhou, Animesh Garg | Paper

Single-Stage Keypoint-Based Category-Level Object Pose Estimation from an RGB Image

Yunzhi Lin, Jonathan Tremblay, Stephen Tyree, Patricio A. Vela, Stan Birchfield | Paper

PredictionNet: Real-Time Joint Probabilistic Traffic Prediction for Planning, Control, and Simulation

Alexey Kamenev, Lirui Wang, Ollin Boer Bohan, Ishwar Kulkarni, Bilal Kartal, Artem Molchanov, Stan Birchfield, David Nister, Nikolai Smolyanskiy | Paper

OSCAR: Data-Driven Operational Space Control for Adaptive and Robust Robot Manipulation

Josiah Wong, Viktor Makoviychuk, Anima Anandkumar, Yuke Zhu | Paper

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