Join NVIDIA at MICCAI 2019

The 22nd International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention

October 13 - 17, 2019 | Shenzhen, China

Explore Deep Learning with Clinical Data

This year at MICCAI, we’ll be hosting Deep Learning with Clinical Data, a hands-on tutorial about the theory and practice of deep learning in healthcare. Join us to learn why it’s become the de facto tool for medical and healthcare applications and how it can help tackle the peculiarities of medical data, including sample size limitations and annotation needs.

How to Attend the Tutorial

  1. This event is only available to those attending MICCAI 2019. If you haven’t yet, register now.
  2. Please bring your laptop for the training.
  3. Make sure your laptop is primed for the session by visiting Verify that WebSockets is supported under Environment, and double-check that both Receive and Echo Test are marked Yes under Port 80. If you have any issues with WebSockets, try updating your browser.
  4. Lastly, create an NVIDIA Developer account under

About the Instructor

Nicola Rieke

Nicola Rieke

Deep Learning Solution Architect at NVIDIA

Nicola Rieke is a solution architect at NVIDIA for deep learning in healthcare with several years of experience in the intersection of mathematics, medicine, and computer science. With broad expertise in the field of medical image processing, computer-aided medical procedures, and applied machine learning, her primary responsibility is to support the medical imaging community in advancing deep learning solutions. She has published various peer-reviewed papers, in particular on real-time machine learning approaches for computer assistance in surgical interventions, and was honored with the prestigious MICCAI Young Scientist Award during her doctoral study at the Technical University of Munich.

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