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With twice the memory of its predecessor, the NVIDIA® A100 80GB GPU enables researchers and engineers to run complex workloads with massive, ever-increasing datasets with unprecedented speed and performance.

NVIDIA DGX Station A100

NVIDIA DGX Station A100

NVIDIA DGX Station A100 brings AI supercomputing to data science teams in the office or at home, offering data center performance without a data center.

NDR 400Gb/s InfiniBand

NDR 400Gb/s InfiniBand

Introducing the seventh generation of the NVIDIA® Mellanox® InfiniBand architecture. NDR 400Gb/s InfiniBand gives AI developers and scientific researchers the fastest networking performance available to take on the world’s most challenging problems.

NVIDIA SC20 Special Address

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Schedule at a Glance

As part of the SC20 Program, explore a range of groundbreaking work in the field of accelerated computing. Take a closer look at the scheduled NVIDIA sessions that are part of this year’s program.

  • Tutorials and Workshops
  • Programs and Exhibits
Monday 11/9 Tuesday 11/10 Wednesday 11/11 Thursday 11/12 Friday 11/13
Performance Tuning with the Roofline Model on GPUs and CPUs: Part 1
10am - 2pm EST | Tutorial
Performance Tuning with the Roofline Model on GPUs and CPUs: Part 2
10am - 2pm EST | Tutorial
HiPar20 – Keynote 1: Exploiting Hierarchical Algorithms on Ever More Hierarchical Architectures
10:05am - 11am EST | Workshop
Machine Learning in HPC Environments
10am - 5:20pm EST | Workshop
P3HPC: 3rd International Workshop on Performance Portability and Productivity
10am - 6:30pm EST | Workshop
PyHPC Keynote: Reprising the Zen of Python for HPC
10:05am - 11:05am EST | Workshop
Bringing GPU Accelerated Computing and Deep Learning to the Classroom
11:45am - 12pm EST | Workshop
ExaMPI Keynote: Jim Dinan
10:30am - 11:30am EST | Workshop
Diversity, Community Building, and Virtual Events 12:15pm - 12:30pm EST | Workshop Productivity, Planning, Career 12:10pm - 2:10pm EST | Early Career Program
Deep Learning at Scale
2:30pm - 6:30pm EST | Tutorial
HiPar20 – Panel Session
2:30pm - 3:45pm EST | Workshop
PAW-ATM 2020: The 3rd Annual Parallel Applications Workshop, Alternatives To MPI+X
2:30pm - 6:30pm EST | Workshop
Time-Based Roofline for Deep Learning Performance Analysis
2:30pm - 3pm EST | Workshop
Monday 11/16 Tuesday 11/17 Wednesday 11/18 Thursday 11/19 Friday 11/20
Accelerating Sparse DNN Models Without Hardware Support via Tile-Wise Sparsity
10am - 10:30am EST | Paper
SOLAR Consortium: Accelerated Ray Tracing for Scientific Simulations
10am - 10:30am EST | Exhibitor Forum
OpenMP API Version 5.1 - Paving the way to Exascale
10am - 11:15am EST | Birds of a Feather
MeshfreeFlowNet: A Physics-Constrained Deep Continuous Space-Time Super Resolution Framework
11am - 11:30am EST | Paper
Strategies for transitioning to Online HPC Education and Training
1pm - 2:15pm EST | Birds of a Feather
Preparing Nuclear Astrophysics for Exascale
1pm - 1:30pm EST | Paper
GPU-Trident: Efficient Modeling of Error Propagation in GPU Program
1pm - 1:30pm EST | Paper
Task Bench: A Parameterized Benchmark for Evaluating Parallel Runtime Performance
1:30pm - 2pm EST | Paper
A Performance-Portable Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Dycore for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model Running at Cloud-Resolving Resolutions
1:30pm - 2pm EST | Paper
Accelerating Discoveries Now: Building the HPC and AI Supercomputer of the Future, Today
1:30pm - 2pm EST | Exhibitor Forum
TBAA: Task-Based Algorithms and Applications (Panel)
3pm - 4:30pm EST | Panel
Software Engineering and Reuse in Modeling, Simulation, and Data Analytics for Science and Engineering
2:30pm - 3:45pm EST | Birds of a Feather
Interactivity, Engagement and Community Building in Online HPC Education and Training
4pm - 4:30pm EST | State of the Practice Talk

Virtual Theater

Tune in to these short, on-demand sessions to hear from industry leaders, scientists, and researchers as they explain their groundbreaking work utilizing GPU and high-performance InfiniBand networking technologies.

Hear from industry leaders, scientists, and researchers at your own place

Developer Zone

Changing the World, One Line of Code at a Time

Whether they’re tackling challenges at the cutting edge of physics or trying to tame a worldwide pandemic, developers are problem solvers. With the number of registered NVIDIA developers hitting 2 million this year, NVIDIA developers are pursuing more breakthroughs than ever before and solving our most challenging problems.

NVIDIA Developer Program


Access to the latest developer tools and training.


Featured product news and announcements.

Get Started

Technical how-to guides, instructions, and sample code.

Deep Learning Institute

Get Hands-On Training in Accelerated Computing

Virtual Student Cluster Competition

The Virtual Student Cluster Competition (VSCC) at SC20 gives teams the opportunity to show off their HPC knowledge in a flexible, remote format. Student teams from around the world design and build virtual clusters in the Microsoft Azure cloud, powered by NVIDIA GPUs. They learn scientific applications, optimize their cloud configurations, and compete in a 72-hour challenge to complete a set of benchmarks and real-world scientific workloads.


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