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New games are added to our library every GFN Thursday—our dedicated day for highlighting the newest games, features, and news*.

GFN Thursday January 19th
New Games

Here's a look at the games joining the GeForce NOW library in January:

Farlanders (New Release on Steam)
Surviving the Abyss (New Release on Steam)
Tortuga - A Pirate's Tale (New Release on Epic Games, Jan. 19)
Epistory - Typing Chronicles (New Release on Epic Games, Jan. 19)
Absolute Drift (Steam)
BLACKTAIL (Steam and Epic Games)
Dwarf Fortress (Steam)
Hello Neighbor 2 (Steam and Epic Games)
NEBULOUS: Fleet Command (Steam)
Shadow Tactics - Aiko's Choice (Epic Games Store)

*Some games listed may not appear until later in the week, including new game launches. You must already own or purchase titles to play them on GeForce NOW. Game availability per device may vary.

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