Please read the NVIDIA membership terms for the GeForce NOW service (“GFN”) below.

These membership terms can be accepted only by an adult of legal age of majority in the country in which GFN is used. If you are under the legal age of majority, you must ask your parent or legal guardian to consent to these membership terms. If you are not old enough to enter into these membership terms or if you don’t accept all the terms and conditions below, do not use GFN.


a. GFN Membership. A GFN paid membership plan, which may start with a free period if eligible, will automatically renew for consecutive billing cycles unless you downgrade to a free membership plan. A GFN free membership plan will automatically renew for consecutive membership plan cycles while the membership plan is available. Paid and free membership plans are subject to change and termination pursuant to these membership terms and the GeForce NOW terms of use.

Digital River, acting as merchant of record, will bill the then-current membership fee for the next billing cycle of  your membership plan to a valid and accepted method of payment that you provide when required to use GFN ("Payment Method"), as you may update from time to time. As examples, one-month memberships are billed approximately in 30 days cycles and six-month memberships are billed approximately in 180 days cycles.

To manage your membership plan, see your next billing cycle date or update your Payment Method, log into your NVIDIA account at or at You may change your membership plan by logging into your NVIDIA account. Any change may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in your account. For changes to take effect on the next billing cycle, update at least 24 hours in advance before the start of your next billing cycle.

b. Membership Plans. NVIDIA may offer several GFN membership plans or promotions with differing conditions and limitations, and may stop accepting new sign-ups, modify or terminate a membership plan or promotion at any time. Each membership plan will have its own features, check, and here are definitions of key features:

  • i.Standard Access. Members with standard access will be placed in a queue behind priority access members and will have game access based on available capacity. These members could experience varying lengths of wait times based on volume of users and GFN server availability in their region.
  • ii. Priority Access. Members will have priority access to the GFN servers in their region, moving to the front of the queue for faster GFN server access.
  • iii. 1-Hour Session Length. Members have session lengths lasting up to 1 hour. After the current session expires, these members may join the queue again with standard access (see above). There is no set limit to how many times a member may start a new session in a day, subject to standard access terms.
  • iv. Extended Session Length. Members have extended session lengths lasting up to 6 hours. After the current session expires, these members receive priority access (see above).
  • v. RTX On. Real-time ray tracing delivered from the cloud. Only available for limited games.

The terms of specific membership plans and promotions will be provided at sign-up or in other communications made available to you. A free use period may be offered prior to the first billing event of certain paid membership plans and are limited to one per household. Not all membership plans or promotions may be available in your location or language.  NVIDIA, at its absolute discretion, will decide your eligibility for a membership plan or promotion, and if plans and promotions can or not be combined. Standard charges will apply after a promotion ends or if you exceed or violate the terms of use of a promotion. You can find specific details regarding your membership plan by logging into your NVIDIA account at or at

If you don’t timely change your membership plan before the end of a free use period, membership fees billing will start and automatically renew based on the membership plan billing cycle associated with your account at the end of the free use period. For clarity, the permitted use of a free membership plan will not result in billing.

With a GFN membership plan, NVIDIA is renting you a virtual PC for gaming, and it is your responsibility to have sufficient rights to use the content (i.e. third-party video games or DLC (downloadable content)). Certain content may only work on certain types of devices. Not all the content you have may be used when streaming from GFN. Content purchased from a digital store on GFN may not be available to stream from GFN. The availability of content on GFN may vary over time, as examples: terms from service providers or game publishers may change, content may not be available equally or in certain geographies or languages, and content that was previously available on GFN (including your saved games) may become unavailable later on GFN. When you obtain content, whether through GFN or separately, the content provider may require you to accept their terms, open a user account and/or may charge you for the content.

c. Membership Plan Change. You may change your membership plan, including to change membership fee charges, by logging into your NVIDIA account at or at Any change may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in your account. For changes to take effect on the next billing cycle, update at least 24 hours in advance before the start of your next billing cycle.

If you downgrade to a free membership plan in the middle of your billing cycle, your paid membership plan will continue until the end of your current billing cycle and then convert to a free membership plan.

You may delete your NVIDIA Account at any time. However, this action will stop your services and remove access to any paid or free membership plans and disrupt or terminate other services associated with your NVIDIA Account. Learn more about how to delete your NVIDIA Account by visiting the NVIDIA Privacy Center.


a. Billing Amount. The GFN membership fee for a paid membership plan will be billed at the beginning of your billing cycle, at the then-current price, except for any free use period, based on the start date of the membership plan unless you downgrade to a free membership plan. As used in these terms, "billing" means a charge, debit or other payment clearance against your Payment Method.

NVIDIA will indicate in which countries VAT is included in the membership plan price. Except for countries where VAT is included in the membership plan price, prices are exclusive of all taxes, duties or other similar charges and you are responsible for their payment. NVIDIA reserves the right to adjust membership plan prices at any time at NVIDIA’s choice. Price changes will take effect following email notice to you but no earlier than in your next billing cycle and tax rate changes will take effect immediately, except as otherwise described in these membership terms.

b. Billing Authorization. By starting your paid GFN membership plan and indicating a Payment Method, you authorize Digital River, acting as merchant of record, to charge you at each billing cycle the corresponding membership fee at the then-current price, and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of GFN, such as taxes or possible transaction fees, to your Payment Method in one or more charges.

You acknowledge that the amount billed at each billing cycle may vary due to price or tax changes, promotions, membership plan change, or calendar constraints as explained in the “Timing of Billing” section below.

NVIDIA may authorize your Payment Method in anticipation of membership or service-related charges. NVIDIA may authorize billing to your Payment Method through various methods, including authorizing it up to approximately one billing installment of service as soon as you register. In some instances, your available balance or credit limit may be reduced to reflect the authorization during a free use period.

c.Timing of Billing. Digital River, acting as merchant of record, automatically bills your Payment Method at the beginning of your billing cycle, initially on or about the date you start your paid membership plan and after usually on or about the calendar day corresponding to the billing date anniversary of your paid membership plan, except for any free use period associated with a paid membership plan. NVIDIA reserves the right to change the timing of billing, in particular due to time zone differences, calendar constraints or if your Payment Method has not successfully settled. As an example of a calendar constraint, if you start a monthly paid membership plan on January 31st, your first billing cycle will start on that same January 31st and your next billing event is likely to be February 28th on a going forward basis, and your Payment Method would be billed on or about such dates. Visit and log into your account to review your current billing date.

d. Gift Cards. Gift cards are redeemable for the number of months and balance amount stated, where available as a method of payment for specified NVIDIA GFN membership plans only.  When you purchase a gift card, the corresponding amount will be billed in full. At the time of use, the redeemer must have a GeForce NOW account and will receive the same membership benefits as GFN monthly paid members, for the specified number of months. Gift cards are available in the limited geographies where NVIDIA monthly paid membership plans are sold, as updated from time to time. A gift card is not a credit or debit card, is not reloadable, and is not redeemable for cash unless required by law. Safeguard the gift card. It will not be replaced if lost, stolen or used without authorization. Gift cards can only be redeemed once, in whole, and cannot be shared between GeForce NOW accounts. The gift card redeemer will see the applicable membership plan duration extended by the full number of months of the gift card, after redeemed, on their account page available via the settings page of the GeForce NOW app.

e. Digital River. Digital River is the NVIDIA merchant of record, including for gift cards. All transactions with Digital River are subject to their Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy. NVIDIA expressly disclaims any liability for any such transactions, and you agree that your sole remedy regarding such transactions (including GFN charges and bank-related charges) is from or through Digital River. If your transaction with Digital River is not successful then your purchase will not be fulfilled by NVIDIA, or NVIDIA may promptly terminate the use of GFN.

f. No Refunds. PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR PARTIALLY USED PERIODS. If NVIDIA terminates your use pursuant to the GeForce NOW terms of use, your use of GFN may end immediately but any membership fees paid will not be refunded and at the end of your then-current billing cycle NVIDIA will stop billing. If it turns out that NVIDIA provides you a refund, discount, or other consideration, the decision, amount and form of such benefits are at NVIDIA’s choice. If you received a refund, discount, or other consideration, it doesn’t mean you will receive it again even under similar circumstances.

g. Payment Method. To edit your Payment Method, log into your NVIDIA account at or at If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and you do not edit your Payment Method information or change your membership plan (see the "Membership Plan Change" section), you remain responsible for any uncollected amounts and authorize NVIDIA or Digital River to continue billing the Payment Method, as it may be updated. This may result in a change to your payment billing dates. NVIDIA or Digital River may update your Payment Method with information provided by the applicable payment service provider, and you give authorization to continue to charge the then-current membership fee to the updated Payment Method. For certain Payment Methods, the issuer of your Payment Method may charge you a foreign transaction fee or other charges. Check with your Payment Method service provider for details.


When GFN services are provided in conjunction with NVIDIA membership plans, the above membership terms are incorporated into, and constitute an integral part of, your GeForce NOW terms of use with NVIDIA Corporation.

GFN services are also available in certain locations from GFN Alliance Partners that have their own membership plans, and these membership terms do not apply to GFN Alliance Partners membership plans (where applicable).

The GeForce NOW terms of use can be found at

(v. October 8, 2020)