Driving Agility in Retail with AI

AI is helping retailers improve business agility, enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue—while keeping employees and customers safe.

Recent times have introduced unprecedented challenges for retailers. In this new environment, consumer behavior is rapidly shifting, supply chains are under pressure, and retailers need to quickly adapt and transform their business to respond to market demand and opportunity.

“According to McKinsey & Company, AI can create $1.4 trillion to $2.6 trillion of value in marketing and sales across the world’s businesses, and $1.2 trillion to $2 trillion in supply-chain management and manufacturing.”

How Retailers Are Driving Agility

Learn about the most important AI use cases in retail today across supply chain optimization, omni-channel management, and intelligent stores.

  • Forecasting, and Walmart’s success
  • Warehouse logistics and omni-channel management - increase the accuracy of orders picked, packed and shipped
  • E-commerce - personalized recommendations and resultant revenue
  • Augmented and virtual reality - implement virtual try-on
  • Health and safety - support curbside pickup and recognize social distancing
  • Stockout management - using AI to check stock levels
  • Asset protection - reducing theft in real-time
How Retailers Are Driving Agility

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