How to Get Started With AI Inference

A free digital webinar series, hosted by NVIDIA.

Inference is where AI delivers results. And to achieve success, organizations need a full-stack approach that supports the end-to-end AI life cycle. 

Join us for a series of expert-led talks on the NVIDIA AI inference platform, including its hardware and software, and how it supports use cases in financial services.


Move Enterprise AI Use Cases From Development to Production With Full-Stack AI Inferencing

AI Inferencing is where AI goes to work delivering business results and tangible impact to the bottom line. This webinar will explore the fascinating world of AI inferencing and how NVIDIA's AI inference platform can help you successfully take your enterprise AI use case and trained AI models from development to production.

Attendees will learn what AI inference is, how it fits into your enterprise's AI deployment strategy, key challenges in deploying enterprise-grade AI use cases, why a full-stack AI inference solution is required to address these challenges, main components of a full-stack AI inferencing platform, and a quick-start guide to deploy your first AI inferencing solution.

Primarily for: AI executives and AI team leaders
Industries: All

Amr Elmeleegy, Principal Product Marketing Manager, AI Inference, NVIDIA

Phoebe Lee, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Computing, NVIDIA

Harness the Power of Cloud-Ready AI Inference Solutions and Experience a Step-By-Step Demo of LLM Inference Deployment in the Cloud

Navigating the intricacies of building and deploying cloud-ready AI-inferencing solutions for large language models can be challenging. Harmonizing components within the AI inferencing workflow is essential to achieve successful deployment, enhance the user experience, and minimize costs, all while mitigating risks to your organization. 

Join us to explore how the NVIDIA AI inferencing platform seamlessly integrates with leading cloud service providers, simplifying deployment and expediting the launch of LLM-powered AI use cases. Gain insights into optimizing every facet of the AI-inferencing workflow to lower your cloud expenses and boost user adoption. And watch a hands-on demonstration of the effortless process of optimizing, deploying, and managing your AI-inferencing solutions within the public cloud environment.

Primarily for: AI practitioners and AI infrastructure
Industries: All

Amr Elmeleegy, Principal Product Marketing Manager, AI Inference, NVIDIA

Neal Vaidya, Technical Product Marketing Manager, AI Inference, NVIDIA

Unlocking AI Model Performance: Exploring PyTriton and Model Analyzer

Unlock the full potential of your AI models by optimizing them with NVIDIA Triton's suite of tools. Learn how to achieve swift and effortless model deployment with PyTriton, gain insights into your model's performance using Perf Analyzer, explore various client and API choices for peak performance, navigate the delicate balance between latency and throughput with Triton Model Analyzer's hyperparameter search, and get a comprehensive look at Triton Model Navigator for streamlined model management and deployment. Whether you're a data scientist, developer, or AI enthusiast, this webinar will empower you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your AI model's capabilities.

Primarily for: AI practitioners and AI infrastructure
Industries: All

Dmitry Mironov, Solutions Architect, NVIDIA

Accelerate AI Model Inference at Scale for Financial Services

Take a technical dive into the benefits of NVIDIA AI inference software, and see how it can help banks and insurance companies better detect and prevent payment fraud, as well as improve processes for anti-money-laundering and know-your-customer systems. 

Primarily for: AI practitioners, AI infrastructure, and AI team leaders 
Industries: Financial services

Shankar Chandrasekaran, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Data Center, NVIDIA

Pahal Patangia, Global Developer Relations Lead for Consumer Finance, NVIDIA


Amr Elmeleegy

Principal Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

Amr is a principal product marketing manager covering accelerated computing in the data center and focusing on the AI inference platform. Previously, he held business development and product marketing roles at AWS and SAP focused on enterprise resource planning applications and cloud services. Amr holds an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Cairo University.

Phoebe Lee

Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

Phoebe is a product marketing manager focusing on enterprise computing solutions for AI, data center, and virtualization. Prior to NVIDIA, she held similar roles developing and managing go-to-market strategies and product campaigns for other technology companies.

Neal Vaidya

Technical Product Marketing Manager, AI Inference, NVIDIA

Neal is a technical marketing engineer for deep learning software at NVIDIA. He is responsible for developing and presenting developer-focused content on deep learning frameworks and inference solutions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in statistics from Duke University.

Pahal Patangia

Global Developer Relations Lead for Consumer Finance, NVIDIA

Pahal leads global developer relations for consumer fintech companies at NVIDIA. He focuses on driving AI adoption within the fintech industry and helps enterprises accelerate their machine learning models at scale. Previously, he spent most of his professional career at FICO, where he helped retail banks and financial institutions make smarter credit decisions using machine learning. Pahal holds a master’s degree in business analytics from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, in India.

Shankar Chandrasekaran

Senior Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

Shankar is a senior product marketing manager on the data center GPU team at NVIDIA. He's responsible for GPU software infrastructure marketing to help IT and DevOps easily adopt and seamlessly integrate GPUs into their infrastructure. Previously, he held engineering, operations, and marketing positions at both small and large technology companies. He holds business and engineering degrees.


Dmitry Mironov

Solutions Architect, NVIDIA

Dmitry Mironov is an AI solutions architect at NVIDIA. He helps customers use GPUs efficiently and helps speed up various pipelines in computer vision, natural language processing, conversational AI, and data science. Previously, Dmitry served as CTO and cofounder of a startup. He's also spent time integrating computer vision into gold mining, transportation, energy, and other industries.


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