Case Study

Advancing Cancer Research and Transforming Patient Care with AI

Learn how the Netherlands Cancer Institute accelerates critical research with NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

The Future of Cancer Research

When it comes to stopping cancer, time is of the essence. The faster researchers make new discoveries, the more quickly physicians can administer life-saving treatments. Learn how the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) was able to expedite research and refocus their attention on patients by upgrading their shared IT infrastructure with NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

Faster high-resolution scans

High-Resolution Scans

Reconstructing CBCT images is challenging and the image quality given by classical reconstruction methods tends to be poor.

Reliable tumor detection

Tumor Detection

The more accurate the CBCT images, the easier it is for clinicians to localize smaller tumors during radiation therapy.

Easier adaptive radiotherapy planning

Easier Adaptive Radiotherapy Planning

Accurate CBCT reconstruction simplifies treatment planning, potentially reducing the need for a dedicated planning CT scan.

Reduce CBCT radiation doses

Potentially Reduces Radiation Doses

Faster, more robust computing power can result in more efficient radiation and a reduced number of treatments.

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