Thomson Reuters: NVIDIA AI in Financial Services

Learn how AI-enabled applications can improve transaction fraud detection, personalized recommendations, and more.

How to Deliver Smarter, More Secure Services

Read this series of articles from Thomson Reuters to explore key use cases for AI in financial services, including transaction and payment fraud, anti-money laundering (AML), recommender systems, conversational AI, and algorithmic trading. Also, learn why firms are using intelligent technology to enhance their business operations and improve ROI, as well as  to scale massively.

Respond quickly to market fluctuations

Manage Market Uncertainty

Harness the power of AI and HPC to learn from vast amounts of data and respond quickly to market fluctuations.

Monitoring transactions

Anti-Money Laundering

Prevent money laundering fraud by using AML tools to monitor transactions for suspicious activity.

Protect Customers 24/7

Protect Customers 24/7

Leverage AI chatbots and virtual assistants to block problematic transactions and issue alerts at any time.

Better experience for both firms and customers

Prevent Payment Fraud

Boost security and transparency, and create a better experience for both firms and customers with AI in payments.

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