How to Monetize AI at the Network Edge

Learn how to leverage edge AI to deliver new enterprise services.

What’s Included in This eBook?

As telecommunications service providers modernize their networks, they’re prioritizing AI adoption to create new sources of revenue. Learn about the telcos who are leading the charge and the applications they are investing in to capitalize on enterprise service opportunities. 

Examples of Telco Deployments

See Telco Deployment Examples

Explore examples of edge service deployments, including intelligent video analytics and XR-based solutions, where telcos have partnered with NVIDIA to offer value-added services to enterprises.

A Robust Partner Ecosystem

Get to Know the Ecosystem

Learn which ecosystem partners were involved in each deployment, from creative collaborators to technology providers and system integrators.

Full-Stack Computing Platform

Learn about the NVIDIA Platform

Get an overview of the full-stack computing platform that, combined with a robust ISV ecosystem, gives telcos the tools they need to enable new enterprise service capabilities.

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