Games: Ballistics


Developer: Grin
Publisher: Grin
Street Price: TBA
Genre: Racing

The Ballistics races have evolved from the Formula One races. Ballistics pilots are trained from their teens, and using electronic enhancers, their reflexes are much faster than any ordinary humans. To withstand the extreme g-forces experienced during each race, they also replace some of their skeleton with titanium. Wearing g-suits like today's fighter pilots, Ballistics pilots set out to race in these insane speed fests in their hunt for fame and fortune.

Maximizing the use of the Geforce3™ card, GRIN has created a game that is furiously fast and sweet to your eyes. When setting out to create the fastest game on earth, GRIN decided to go with NVIDIA® and the Geforce3 as their top reference card. This is due to the massive polygon push capabilities and Microsoft® DirectX® 8 features that the Geforce3 card holds - especially coupled with GRINs DX8 based Diesel Engine.

The combination of Vertex and Pixel Shaders allows Ballistics to render real time EMBM distortion effects, dynamic bump mapped lighting, and blinn bump mapped reflections. The high speed at which the Vertex Shader hardware runs also allows morphing and other per-vertex effects to run much more smoothly.

When 3D boards first began appearing on the market, performance of 3D games was significantly improved. The downside, however, was that developers were no longer able to effect how triangles were rendered so all games tended to look the same. The GeForce3 finally provides the tools needed to put a personal touch and feel into games. It's no longer just about who can render the most complex scene, but who can make it look realistic.

NVIDIA enabled us to take Ballistics a step further both in special effects and in providing extreme detail to the game. Thus, Ballistics features a specially modelled version of each track for the Geforce3 card.

Ballistics is about the speed sensation - adding the shine of the Geforce3 to that proved to be fantastic.

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