Games: Dronez


Developer: Zetha GameZ
Publisher: TBA
Street Price: TBA
Genre: Action

DroneZ transports you to a hostile future that, because of neglect and pollution, has forced people to live immersed in feedback units. These units, which are connected to the V-Space network, are dominated by Artificial Intelligences who forbid people to disconnect.

With the help of a hacker from the real world, an intruder will attempt to hack the AI protected network to take-over the enemy memory locations and destroy their defenses.

You will guide the hero through astonishing bio-technologic environments while fighting against diverse, stunning creatures in your quest to break all barriers. If successful, the hacker will be able unlock all the exits and finally free mankind from the braces of the AIs.

When Zetha gameZ decided to create the first 3D game set in cyberspace, one of the most challenging issues was to create a peculiar illumination model that delivered an appearance of both solid and unreal—one of the key features of their 3D engine, the nGenius II. This custom illumination model was so innovative that, at the time, no video card on the market could support it in hardware—the standard DirectX and OpenGL T&L simply was not powerful enough for this new technology.

The GeForce3 finally made their vision real!

"We didn't limit our design to just push more polygons on the screen. The real deal is no longer just how many polygons you draw, but what you do with those polygons and what quality level you can achieve. We wanted a game that looked unmistakable in any single frame, and that's what we achieved," says Giovanni Caturano, Project Leader.

"Thanks to OpenGL vertex programs, the nGenius II custom illumination code can be totally transferred to the nFiniteFX engine, along with many other geometric features. The combination of Vertex and Pixel Shaders allows for incredibly realistic bump mapping that is per-pixel precise, per-light accurate and also performs environment reflections," says Carmine della Sala, 3D Coder and Author of nGenius II.

All these complex computations are performed in hardware on the GeForce3, leaving the main CPU free for other processes like handling the relative gravity, the polygon-accurate collisions and the diverse artificial intelligence threads.

DroneZ features many exclusive features including a custom portal technology and an extremely smooth animation + skinning system called "procedural flexion." These features take advantage of the nFiniteFX engine of the GeForce3 resulting in unprecedented quality and detail, while still maintaining an absolutely blazing frame rate. Enabling HRAA for extra-smooth rendering helps immerse users into the DroneZ virtual environment and also creates an amazing gaming experience!

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