Game: Abducted


Developer: Contraband Entertainment Publisher: TBA        

Abducted is a science fiction adventure unlike any game you've played before.

You suddenly awaken from a deep sleep chamber, and realize you are onboard a massive alien spacecraft. You can't remember how you got there, and you have no memories of who you are.

Danger is everywhere, as horrific, alien creatures stalk you through the corridors of the spacecraft. As you fight to survive, you wonder if you will ever see Earth again.

Will you survive this nightmare?


  • Created by game industry veterans who've shipped dozens of titles on PC's and consoles.
  • All lighting is completely realtime
  • Per-Pixel Diffuse And Specular Bump Mapping
  • Pixel Accurate Shadowing
  • Projective textured lighting
  • Unified lighting model across all surfaces
  • Takes full advantage of GeforceFX runtime CG
  • Uses vertex and pixel shaders
  • Advanced texturing effects possible with shader system.
Abducted Screenshot
Abducted Screenshot
Abducted Screenshot
Abducted Screenshot