NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager
Release Highlights

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Latest Version: 204.84
Release Date: 2024.05.17
Language: English (or regional language)
File Size: 29 MB

Release Highlights

  • Version 204.61


    • New Features
      • Security Updates -  aligned with October 2023 NVIDIA GPU Display Driver updates; more information is available on the NVIDIA Product Security page.
    • Fixed Issues:
      • Multi-desktop support failing with Windows OS version 10.0.22621.2283
  • Version 204.26


    • New Features
      • New Application Icon: application icon has been replaced with new graphic () to allow users to more easily locate the NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager application/features with the Quick Access Button, desktop shortcut, and applications list in the Windows Start menu. 
    • Fixed Issues:
      • NviewMain64 causing excess memory consumption
      • RTX Desktop Manager not launching on Citrix HDX session with vGPU
      • Memory leak issue with Birds Eye View UI
      • ‘Open window on’ feature affects Birds Eye View UI windows
      • Cloaked windows on the active desktop are visible in the Birds Eye View UI
      • Unable to launch RTX Desktop Manager with right-click option on taskbar
      • Grid line pattern changes after change in primary display selection in NVIDIA Control Panel with multiple monitors connected
      • Display/Desktop background turns black when inactive desktop is renamed


  • Version 203.87


    • New Features
      • Quick Access Button: feature added to enable the presence of NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager button on the title bar of supported applications to provide quick access to commonly used features, such as Send to next/previous display and Resize to grid. Quick Access Button feature is enabled under WINDOWS & HOTKEYS menu tab.
      • View Grids as Percentage of Display: users can right-click on the desktop area in the GRIDS menu tab to toggle between grid pixel size and percentage of display.
    • Fixed Issues:
      • Exception caught when dragging application window from one display to another in Birds Eye View with two displays having different DPI settings.
      • “Choose a fit for your desktop image” default value changes from “Fill” to “FIT” after using Active Hotkeys to load profile on Windows 11.
      • The Active Hotkeys disappear after restoring workspace state when saving workspace without windows in the grid.
      • NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager window cannot be reopened from taskbar after being minimized.
      • UI window sized incorrectly when windows are maximized via drag to top of screen in mixed DPI configurations.


  • Version 203.05

    • This release includes bug fixes and application component enhancements to improve stability and performance.
    • Fixed Issues:
      • Incorrect grid numbers shown in ‘Open dialog boxes on” option when switching desktops
      • Birds Eye View (BEV) cannot maintain correct sequence of desktops with custom name after external re-ordering
      • Left display having higher DPI setting than right display causes corruption in newly added BEV desktop
      • Application window in Birds Eye View snaps to edge of display with invisible app borders still on-screen
      • Incorrect application configuration displayed with dual displays and negative display coordinates
      • NVAPI_OUT_OF_MEMORY errors in OS event log
      • nViewH64.dll crashes with IntelliJ IDEA 2022
  • Version 202.85

    • Added multi-desktop features for Birds Eye View interface:
      • Ability to add/remove/rename desktops
      • Hotkey support for:
        • ‘Activate desktop’
        • ‘Move window to desktop’
        • ‘Toggle window visible on all desktops’
      • Added ‘Send window to desktop’ feature to system menu
    • Fixed Issues:
      • User Interface exception messages
      • Desktops switching randomly when resizing RTX Desktop Manager with Birds Eye View (BEV)
      • Corruption observed in BEV when screen resolution is changed
      • Visual artifacts observed in BEV
      • RTX Desktop Manager application compatibility with high contrast theme
      • Adobe Premiere Pro occasional instability
  • Version 202.62


    • Security updates added


  • Version 202.37

    • New Features
      • Birds Eye View - the DESKTOP MANAGER menu screen now shows all connected displays/desktops and allows window arrangement and grid snapping from within the global view.  This feature facilitates desktop organization by minimizing mouse movement, particularly for larger monitors and/or multiple displays. 
    • Bug fixes:
      • Open dialog boxes not functioning with Microsoft Office applications

  • Version 202.21

    • New Features
      • Efficiency improvements to enhance performance
    • Bug fixes:
      • Intermittent disappearing Recycling Bin
      • Ctrl+drag window to grid area functionality with Creo applications
      • Performance issue with opening windows on vGPU systems
      • ‘Open on display’ not working with Adobe Reader and command prompt
      • Intermittent disappearing NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager options in the system menu
      • Error code ‘0x10000 in nViewMain64.exe at offset 0x53085’
      • Office 365 application parameters failing to save in profile
  • Version 202.03

    • Bug fixes:
      • Added stability improvements to address “User reported error code 0x10000 in nViewMain64.exe” error types.
  • Version 201.94

    • New features:
      • Added option to automatically run selected profile on session start
      • Added grid dimension details to user interface
      • Added new options for profile settings:
        • Only include saved applications and grids on profile load (default)
        • Option to minimize currently running applications on profile load
        • Ability to delete individual applications from profiles
      • Increased grid limits (size and count) 
    • Bug fixes:
      • nViewMain64.exe crash with error “Desktop Manager unexpected error 0x00010000”
      • Snapped-to-grid windows are not resized for ctrl-window-resize on secondary displays
  • Version 201.66

    • New features :
      • Support for custom parameters to specify session restore state for popular applications.
      • Added hotkey option to reposition the mouse cursor to the center of a specified display.
      • Added progress indicator for slow-loading profile applications.
    • Bug fixes:
      • NVIDIA RTXTM Desktop Manager fails to start on some systems.
      • TradeWeb Viewer application hangs when loading.
      • Incorrect profile preview of applications on secondary desktops.
      • Newly launched Microsoft Office applications do not immediately appear in current profile preview.
  • Version 201.22

    • User interface adjustments to reflect application name transition from NVIDIA Quadro View to NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager.
    • New features added:
      • Transparent Window Drag - allows windows to be transparent while dragging to see desktop content underneath.
      • Multiple Transparency Levels - provides additional transparency options for users to select for each window.
      • Launch improvements for Profile applications.
    • Bug fixes:
      • Profiles now save Z-order of applications.
      • NVIDIA nView application does not cause high cpu usage on smartscreen.exe.
      • ‘Load profile’ hotkeys are preserved when a new profile is loaded.
      • ‘Save/restore’ can transpose two running instances of the same application.
      • Profile preview UI correctly displays grid-snapped minimized windows.
      • Windows snapped across multiple grids do not increase in size when restored with a profile.
  • Version 200.93

    • Fixed instances where some application windows get clipped or show corruption when Resize to desktop feature is used.
    • Fixed application crash when Altium Designer is launched with Quadro View enabled.
    • Fixed issue where Restore window hotkey does not work for Cisco WebEx and Adobe Reader DC applications.
    • Fixed crashes caused by profiles exporting to a path with greater than 230 characters.
    • Fixed user interface crash when Resize to grid is used in RDP.
  • Version 200.75

    Flexible Window Snapping

    Organize your display real estate with custom or pre-defined regions to which you can easily snap your application windows. Supports multiple physical displays and/or virtual desktops.

    User Profiles

    Quadro View settings can be saved as custom profiles so that you can quickly load previously created partitions for different workflows. Supports ability to launch applications into specific partitions.

    Custom Hotkeys

    Assign hotkeys to trigger common functions for window selection/navigation/behavior and profile selection to increase workflow efficiency.

    Enhanced Application Window Management

    Augment native OS window handling with additional control of window behaviors, such as where dialog boxes open, preventing windows from moving out of visible display areas, and more.

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