Join NVIDIA at Dell Technologies World 2024

The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada

May 20–23

Accelerate AI Innovation in the New Industrial Revolution

At Dell Technologies World, NVIDIA and Dell furthered their partnership to transform enterprises in AI, multi-cloud, edge, and more. With the latest additions to the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, Dell and NVIDIA continue to be at the forefront of full-platform innovations across industries.

Dell Expands AI Factory With NVIDIA to Power Generative AI Adoption

Learn how Dell Technologies is expanding their AI Factory with NVIDIA to simplify AI adoption and help enterprises be a part of the new industrial revolution.

Why an End-to-End Solution is Critical to AI

NVIDIA Vice President of Enterprise Computing Manuvir Das shared his insights on why a full-platform solution is  important to support AI deployment across workloads.

Get Certified by NVIDIA

Earn technical certification from NVIDIA. Don’t miss this opportunity to validate your skills and distinguish yourself from your peers. Choose your exam, including the new professional certification in generative AI to enable developers to establish technical credibility in this important domain.

Accelerate Modern Workloads

Unlock Opportunities With Generative AI

Impacting virtually every industry, generative AI unlocks a new frontier of opportunities to solve today’s most important challenges. NVIDIA is powering generative AI through an impressive suite of cloud services, pretrained foundation models, and cutting-edge frameworks, optimized inference engines, and APIs to bring intelligence to your enterprise applications.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software Suite

Ready for simplified production AI that can achieve results efficiently and at scale? Certified to run on Dell’s NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software, optimized and supported to help every organization accelerate their generative AI journey.

Accelerate Generative AI Deployment With NVIDIA NIM

Part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, NVIDIA NIM™ is a set of easy-to-use microservices designed to speed up generative AI deployment. Supporting a wide range of AI models, including NVIDIA AI Foundation and custom models, it ensures seamless, scalable AI inferencing, on premises or in the cloud, with industry-standard APIs.

AI for the Modern Data Center

Data centers are key to solving some of the most important challenges. The end-to-end NVIDIA accelerated computing platform, integrated across hardware and software, gives enterprises the blueprint to a robust, secure infrastructure that supports develop-to-deploy implementations across all modern workloads.

Accelerated Computing for Modern Applications

Modern applications are transforming every business, from data analytics for better business forecasting, to AI for autonomous vehicles, to advanced visualization for medical diagnosis. NVIDIA accelerated computing platforms provide the infrastructure to power these applications, no matter where they’re run.

Accelerated Networking for Modern Workloads

NVIDIA offers end-to-end, high-performance Ethernet and InfiniBand networking solutions for data centers. These comprehensive solutions deliver industry-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and value across a wide range of applications such as cloud computing, data storage, AI, scientific computing, and more.

Programs and Technical Training

NVIDIA Inception Program for Startups

Inception provides over 18,000 cutting-edge startups worldwide with critical go-to-market support, technical expertise, training, and introductions to funding opportunities to accelerate their business. See how program members across industries are using NVIDIA technology to create innovative products.

NVIDIA Training and Certification Program

NVIDIA Training offers expert-led courses and workshops for comprehensive training on NVIDIA solutions, including generative AI.  Gain hands-on experience and prepare for technical certification. Then get certified at Dell Technologies World for free.

The Engine of the New Industrial Revolution

The NVIDIA Blackwell architecture defines the next chapter in generative AI and accelerated computing with unparalleled performance, efficiency, and scale. Explore the six transformative technologies that unlock breakthroughs in data processing, engineering simulation, quantum computing, and more.

Partner Ecosystem at Dell Technologies World

Join NVIDIA at Dell Technologies World.