Atomic Heart Adds NVIDIA RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing – See The Stunning Results In Our Exclusive Video

February 2023 Update: For the latest information, please visit this article.

Moscow-based Mundfish is currently crafting Atomic Heart, an alt-universe first-person shooter set during the height of the Soviet Union. And when we say “alt-universe” we really do it mean it, as Mundfish’s recent trailer makes very clear:


When Atomic Heart launches late next year, its unique look and style will be enhanced by the addition of NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing, which we’re exclusively unveiling in the tech video below:


As you saw in the video, the addition of NVIDIA RTX Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion, Reflections and Shadows transforms the look of scenes, adding a massive amount of detail that accurately mirrors the properties of materials and the surrounding world.

Most noticeably, Ray Traced Reflections add accurate, real-time reflections to Atomic Heart’s curved objects and surfaces, to its super shiny labs, to its water, and to numerous other game elements. Previously, reflecting much of this detail was impossible, and what could be reflected was seen at a far lower level of fidelity, without accurate representation of curved surfaces, or real-time updates of on and off-screen reflections.

Similarly, the implementation of Ray Traced Shadows enables the casting of more accurate, more complex shadows that are rendered based on the properties of the scene. In addition, translucent shadowing and several other techniques that were extremely difficult and time consuming to create with prior technologies now become a possibility, giving developers even more ways to enhance the look and feel of their games.

And with regards to Ambient Occlusion, the previously-used Screen Space technique left small physical details lit too brightly, or large occluded areas too dark. With Ray Tracing, detail can be shadowed on a per-pixel basis, generating perfect, completely-accurate Ambient Occlusion shadows.

If you’re interested in Atomic Heart, keep an eye on Mundfish’s website and their Steam store page for further info on the shooter.