Battlefield V: Read About The Ultimate Battlefield Experience On PC

BattlefieldTM V is right around the corner and GeForce gamers can’t wait to jump back into mankind’s greatest conflict, World War 2. Battlefield V is available on November 9th for Origin Access and Origin Access Premier members, and November 15th for Deluxe Edition buyers, enabling Battlefield V gamers to enjoy the high-fidelity PC release ahead of its global launch on November 20th.

Whether you want to enjoy epic Battlefield V multiplayer matches, marvel at lifelike cutting-edge graphics, or capture and share your gameplay moments, GeForce GPUs have you covered, giving gamers the definitive PC experience.

GeForce RTX GPUs have the power to accelerate your gameplay to framerates that can’t be found elsewhere; they have the tech to deliver new, jaw-dropping effects that are impossible to experience anywhere else; and they have an ecosystem of technologies and game-enhancing features that enable millions of players to capture and share their favorite gameplay moments.

Make sure you’re Game Ready and download our latest Game Ready drivers for Battlefield V to ensure the optimal gameplay experience. And for those shopping for a new GPU, GeForce RTX provides the Ultimate Battlefield V experience on PC.

Ray Tracing Is Coming To Battlefield V

Achieving real-time ray tracing requires a new hybrid rendering graphics platform, new GPU architecture, new DirectX API, and updates to the Frostbite engine used in the game. An early release of DXR real-time ray tracing will be available in an upcoming patch, near the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition release window.

With DXR enabled, surfaces and objects across Battlefield V’s cinematic War Stories and epic 64-player multiplayer maps will be enhanced with world’s first dynamic, real-time, ray-traced reflections, elevating graphical fidelity, realism and immersion to previously unobtainable levels. No battle will ever be the same. If you’re unfamiliar with real-time ray tracing, you can learn more about it here.  

EA, DICE, and NVIDIA will also continue to optimize this implementation and deliver regular updates after its release.


NVIDIA Ansel Enhances Battlefield V

As part of our partnership with EA and DICE we’re also bringing NVIDIA Ansel, our in-game photography tool, to Battlefield V, allowing GeForce gamers to enhance their experience.

In War Stories, GeForce users can create impressive in-game screenshots using NVIDIA Ansel, which enables you to pause the action at any moment with Alt+F2, frame the scene with a floating freecam , and snap a custom in-game photo. These shots can then be further personalized with stackable filters and aesthetic tweaks, allowing the creation of truly unique images that can be shared to our ShotWithGeForce NVIDIA Ansel photo site with just a few clicks. Ansel will be available in-game starting on November 9th.

GeForce delivers the Ultimate Battlefield V Experience on PC, and we’re excited that it’s almost here.

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