Digital Artist Focus Series — See How World’s Best Creators Use RTX To Capture The Future Of Gaming

NVIDIA is proud to celebrate creators from all over the world who are wielding RTX as the tool to propel gaming visuals to the next level. In this series, we’ll break down the works of some of gaming’s leading virtual photographers and digital artists, who compose and capture stunning shots from the games we all play.

From thrilling cinematic compilations of Cyberpunk 2077 to the dark yet deeply human portraits of Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, these artists use their skills to highlight the amazing visuals and artistry of games, and revolutionary examples of ray tracing in supported titles, using GeForce RTX graphics cards and NVIDIA DLSS.b


VicenteProD, also known as Vincent, has delved deep into gaming exploration since the early 1990’s. His serious journey into the digital arts came about in 2007 when he witnessed a massive shift in the visual fidelity of electronic gaming. For five years, Vincent curated gaming stills of the best design work at the time before his passion for film inspired him to create cinematic compilations of games in the style of movie trailers.

Since then, Vincent has gone on to work with EA, Ubisoft, and NVIDIA to showcase the gaming visuals at their best potential. When asked what drives his work ethic, Vincent responded, “the best reward is when players worldwide reach out to me, saying that one of my pieces of content made them want to play or go back to a specific game.”

While discussing the benefits of NVIDIA’s RTX technology with VicenteProD, he noted, “RTX adds an extra layer of visual and ‘physical’ fidelity to video games. For creative it means new ways to explore video games worlds, for players it means getting even more immersed. RT global illumination and RT reflections have to be my favorite implementation of the technology.”

Watch VicenteProD’s cinematic curation of Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay with RTX ON in Welcome to Night City Samurai below:


Enjoy the grimey exciting beauty of Cyberpunk 2077 captured in Welcome to Night City Samurai? Check out more of VicenteProD’s work here:


Stephanie (Jellybird)

Renown virtual photographer Stephanie J, or @_Jellybird, has been capturing memorable gaming moments since 2018 and hails from Canada. Her deep passion for her craft resonates in discussion, “I can say without a hesitation that it immediately drew me in and hooked me.” Stephanie sees the beauty tucked away in the design of the game, which is a tricky aspect to catch as most of us can get lost in the gameplay itself.

Stephanie feels that when it comes to enjoying her work, it doesn’t quite matter if you’ve played the game or not, her craft highlights the emotion of the moment allowing the picture to tell its own story. She then elaborated on what RTX means to her and her work:

“RTX brings games to another level completely. This is especially evident with the enhanced global illumination, reflections and shadows. The cinematic-quality that you get while playing is incredible, especially when you see the world around you come to life. DLSS also brings amazing technology to the table by enhancing that same beauty without losing FPS.”

Her work shines with beauty, realism, and humanity.

This heartfelt black and white portrait from Cyberpunk 2077 captures the subtle light dispersion across the character’s skin as well as an emotional yet organic light interaction with the character’s eyes:

This next shot from Shadow of the Tomb Raider is postcard esque in its natural dispersion of the sun from a semi-overcast sky interacting with the textures of plants and overgrowth as well as the shading of the distant lake:

Check out more of Stephanie J’s work below:



An avid PC and console gamer since the year 2000, Zat0ne has always had a strong affinity for action packed games. His passion for virtual photography blossomed when he was introduced to NVIDIA’s Ansel through the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Although he had no prior photography experience, he took to this tool like a natural.

Zat0ne sees his craft as a way to exorcise feelings of negativity through capturing and showcasing gaming moments that resonate with him. Zat0ne’s approach brings the most human drive within art to the virtual photography world. He is a strong proponent for Ansel and hopes others can discover its ability to be a wonderful vehicle for self expression.

When asked about the benefits of RTX, Zat0ne proclaimed, “RTX enhanced lighting, shadows, and reflections give players a more immersive and accurate experience. Thanks to DLSS 2.0, more players are now enjoying this technology, and are appreciating the boost in visual fidelity. I mean, getting double your framerates with virtually no impact to visual quality is no joke.”

This ground-punching explosion capture from Outriders will just make you want to jump up and shout “AWESOME”:

Everyone loves massive Mechwarriors, but this shot truly captures the work put into the design of Mechwarriors 5: Mercenaries, from the textures of road worn armor to the edge of its silhouette’s subtle interaction with the vibrant sky as a background:

Zat0ne’s collection is a must see for any fan of action packed virtual photography. Check out even more of Zat0ne’s incredibly captured gaming moments below:

Twitter: @NickVal33181359

Shot with GeForce: