DOOM: Watch World-Exclusive Direct Feed, GeForce GTX-Powered, Vulkan-Accelerated 1080p 60 FPS Gameplay

By Andrew Burnes on May 11, 2016 | Featured Stories Doom Vulkan Videos

At our GeForce GTX 1080 launch we teamed up with id Software to demonstrate DOOM running at up to 200 FPS, using the power of the world's fastest and most advanced graphics card, and the capabilities of the Vulkan graphics API. The footage was fast and furious, and silky smooth, but the short clip left gamers wanting more.

Speaking about the debut of the GeForce GTX 1080, Vulkan-enhanced footage last weekend, id Software Executive Producer Marty Stratton said, "Thanks again to NVIDIA for allowing us to show DOOM at their event in Austin on Saturday. We were thrilled with the response to the videos that some in the audience captured and posted, but we also know you'd like to see high-res, full-screen gameplay."

We're ecstatic then that id wanted to present fans a new, uncut 6-minute direct feed, 1920x1080, 60 FPS, 2.1GB PC gameplay video that shows the full fidelity, speed, and quality of DOOM, which launches this Friday on Steam. This is the world's first uncompressed direct feed footage from the GeForce GTX-powered, Vulkan-accelerated version of DOOM, running at full speed with a 120 degree field of view, giving you a perfect look at how DOOM plays on PC with settings and options cranked up. "This gameplay at 120 FOV - with the player's personal upgrades and rune perks set for advanced speed and movement capabilities", added Stratton.


Download the 2.1GB uncompressed, 1080p 60 FPS video here, or watch on YouTube

Captured on a GeForce GTX TITAN X after the event, because id Software "accidentally left their GeForce GTX 1080 at the event when packing up", the new video shows 6 minutes of uninterrupted footage from the Vulkan version of DOOM, which will be released in the not too distant future. If you're unfamiliar with Vulkan, it's a new graphics API renderer with a simpler, thinner driver, and efficient CPU multi-threading capabilities. Compared to DirectX or OpenGL, Vulkan has less latency and overhead, and can help your system reach new levels of performance. In simpler terms, Vulkan can help developers avoid CPU bottlenecks that limit performance, and can improve performance elsewhere, too.

On a GeForce GTX 1080, Vulkan-accelerated DOOM is going to run even faster, and be capable of running smoothly at higher resolutions, delivering an even higher quality experience that will further enhance fidelity on your PC.

For more on the Vulkan release of DOOM stay tuned to To pre-order a copy of the game head on over to Steam.