Ace Your Classes With GeForce Laptops

GeForce RTX 20-Series and GeForce GTX 16-Series PCs and laptops are world renowned for their gaming prowess.  But what you might not know is that GeForce laptops are also amazing tools for students studying engineering, computer science, data science, AI, 3D graphics, video production, architecture, game development, and many other courses. Why? Because our latest GeForce laptops have the performance and hardware to greatly speed-up AI training, data science, graphics, content creation, and more, in apps adopted by the industry, which universities and colleges worldwide also use to teach.

For students, laptops are king, fitting in bags for travel between classes, labs, cafes, and dorms, enabling continuous uninterrupted work from any location. And of the thousands of laptops available, GeForce RTX 20-Series and GeForce GTX 16-Series laptops are king of the hill, delivering unbeatable performance for class, excellent battery life per charge, and unprecedented gaming performance when you need to unwind.

They’re also small and light, starting at 17mm thin and just 4 lbs in weight, easily fitting in any bag, without breaking your back.

Furthermore, because of industry-wide support for our technology, you’ll be able to get more done, faster. Spend less time encoding videos, crunching data, training AI, or ray tracing your architectural designs.

Instead of waiting or doing mundane tasks, this frees you up to be more creative, trying new designs and concepts, training with larger datasets, and perfecting your work. 

In particular, CUDA-X AI….  

If you’re an aspiring artist or content creator, we’ve also got you covered, thanks to GPU acceleration and hardware support for the most important creative apps. Look for the RTX Studio badge for versatile laptops custom-built for creators.

With all this tech and all these features, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a GeForce laptop would break the bank, but that’s not the case – our partners’ laptop models cover the full gamut of students’ requirements, starting at $799.

If you're a student beginning a course this coming semester, or a parent looking to get your kid equipped with the tools for success, GeForce laptops are one of the best purchases you can make, delivering better results in less time, hopefully resulting in better grades (fingers crossed!).

If a GeForce laptop is your ticket to success, head here to check out a variety of models available in a store near you.