Monster Hunter: World GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, 1070 and 1060 Bundle

By Andrew Burnes on October 23, 2018 | Featured Stories Bundles

Since 2004, Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has enabled millions of gamers to track and hunt an assortment assortment of big fantasy beasties in the pursuit of materials to craft better gear, better weapons, and better stats. Now, you can get a free copy of the critically-acclaimed Monster Hunter: World, the franchise’s first release on PC, with the purchase of participating GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, 1070 and 1060 6GB graphics cards.

The PC release of Monster Hunter: World features two-dozen graphics options and plenty of other settings, enabling you to crank up graphical fidelity, and to experience the best-selling game however you want. Learn more here.


If you want to hunt those monsters on a newer, faster graphics card, and like the idea of getting a free copy of the game, too, head on over to our Monster Hunter: World bundle page to discover which stockists in your country are participating, and which GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, 1070 and 1060 graphics cards are eligible.

Please note, if you are buying an eligible GeForce GTX GPU, ensure the seller is participating in the “The Hunt Begins” Monster Hunter: World GeForce GTX bundle as NVIDIA cannot provide download codes and coupons for purchases made at non-participating retailers and e-tailers.