How NVIDIA Is Supporting Esports At UC Berkeley

By Sam Mayo on September 28, 2018 | Featured Stories Esports G-SYNC Videos

From sponsoring major professional tournaments such as The International, to powering small-scale LAN parties; NVIDIA is deeply involved with the rise of competitive gaming.

We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest initiative to support grassroots competitive gaming; a partnership with UC Berkeley, a leading public university in North America.

UC Berkeley is home to some of the best collegiate gamers in the world. Since winning Heroes of the Dorm in 2015, Cal students have continually dominated collegiate esport competition, most recently claiming additional national championships in Starcraft II and Overwatch.

In recognition of this, we worked with the university to build out their leading-edge Cal Esports Community Center, equipped with high performance MSI systems powered by GeForce GTX 1080 Ti’s, and esports spec 240hz G-Sync displays. This new center acts as a community hub for all gamers on campus, while providing competitive teams the facilities and equipment to train and compete with a distinct advantage


In addition to this, we are aligning with UC Berkeley’s efforts to promote wellness, research, education, and career development with new initiatives. We’re jointly expanding our efforts in esports product development, and collaborating on research projects with staff and students. We’ll also be actively contributing to Cal’s planned Game Fit, Game Talks, and Women in Gaming programs.

We pride ourselves on continually supporting grassroots initiatives in the PC gaming community;  through collaborative efforts like this, we will drive a positive future in esports for everyone involved.