October NVIDIA Studio Driver Ready For Download — Brings Support For Latest Creative App Updates Announced At Adobe MAX

By Stanley Tack on October 20, 2020 | Featured Stories NVIDIA Studio Drivers

Creators from around the world are gathering virtually at this year’s Adobe MAX 2020 event starting today and running through October 22.

To celebrate, we’re announcing new driver updates to support Adobe Photoshop’s new AI-powered Neural Filters and Adobe Premiere Pro’s GPU-accelerated hardware decoding for smoother, more responsive editing. Additional updates are coming to Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Substance, Notch, and Daz 3D — all supported in the new October NVIDIA Studio Driver, available for download today.

Don’t forget to sign up for NVIDIA Studio’s FREE Adobe MAX session on working smarter by tapping into the power of AI here, tune in Wednesday, October 21 from 11-11:30 AM Pacific.

AI-Powered Neural Filters in Adobe Photoshop

Neural Filters is a new way for artists to use AI-powered tools to explore creative ideas, making amazing and complex adjustments to images in seconds.

With Smart Portrait, artists are able to easily experiment with facial characteristics such as gaze direction and lighting angles, simply by dragging a slider.


While these AI filters are incredibly powerful, skilled artists still retain flexibility and full editing control, removing hours worth of tedious adjustments and saving valuable time.

Edit Faster in Adobe Premiere Pro

With the latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro, video decode is now offloaded to NVIDIA’s dedicated GPU decoder, resulting in smoother video playback and sharper responsiveness, especially scrubbing ultra-high resolution and multi-stream footage.

Decode joins several recent GPU-accelerated features like fast encoding alongside AI-powered Auto Reframe and Scene Detection, evolving the entire video editing process for faster, more intuitive creation.


Adobe Premiere Elements Now GPU-Accelerated

Premiere Elements, offering easy-to-use movie making with smart editing and step-by-step guides, is now GPU-accelerated!

This enables faster playback of video effects and transitions without pre-rendering. Now actions with typical, frustrating delays are now instant across all NVIDIA GPUs including cropping, animated overplays, lens flares, and real-time playback.

Next-Gen 30 Series Support Arrives For Adobe Substance Alchemist

Substance Alchemist enables artists to create material collections by combining existing resources or building new materials from photos or high-res scans using AI.


GPU-accelerated filters and RTX-accelerated "AI Delighter" will further speed up material creation thanks to the new 30 Series support.

Make The Impossible Possible With Adobe After Effects

After Effects, the industry-standard for motion graphics and visual effects, gets even better for GPU owners with Adobe Sensei AI powering the new RotoBrush 2 feature, allowing artists to apply amazing green screen effects on the fly.


Imagine, with a few keystrokes or swipe of the mouse, being able to quickly separate a subject from the rest of the video environment, then naturally blending motion graphics like moving 3D objects or flowing text in front and behind a moving subject, expanding editor capabilities by saving hours of wasted time manually editing.

VoiceFX Releases NVIDIA Broadcast Noise Removal Plugin for Adobe Premiere

Xaymar, the creator of the popular StreamFX plugin for OBS Studio, has now added NVIDIA Broadcast’s Noise Removal to a VST3 filter with the VoiceFX plugin. This allows creators with NVIDIA RTX GPUs to use our AI Noise Removal feature to remove background noise, be it a baby crying or a phone ringing, directly from video and audio editing applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition.

Notch Adds AR SDK Support For Advanced Face Tracking

Notch empowers artists to create amazing motion graphics and interactive video effects in one unified real-time environment.


NVIDIA Broadcast Engine AR SDK integration has enabled advanced Face Tracking animations and video effects, reducing processing time with improved stability versus CPU-only, with low latency for use even during live broadcasts!

Daz 3D Animation Suite Gets Big Update

With Daz’s new bridges to Maya, Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Unity and Unreal, users with NVIDIA RTX GPUs can render scenes faster than ever before.


Daz Studio 4.14, coming later this month, delivers an Iray 2020.1 update supporting RTX 30 Series GPUs. With RTX 30 Series GPUs, users will see dramatic improvements in rendering speeds -- up to twice as fast as TITAN RTX!

New NVIDIA Studio Laptops Available Now

HP’s ZBook Studio and ZBook Create products are available today with additional GPU options.


HP ZBook Studio - now with Quadro RTX 5000 graphics


HP ZBook Create - now with GeForce RTX 2070, 2080 SUPER graphics

Most NVIDIA Studio systems come with 3 months of Adobe Creative Cloud (over $235 in value), giving creators over 30+ apps and tools necessary to realize their creative visions.

Stay Up-to-Date with NVIDIA Studio

Download the new Studio Driver (release 456.71) today through GeForce Experience or from the driver download page.