Announcing The Outriders GeForce RTX Laptop Bundle

By Andrew Burnes on March 16, 2021 | Featured Stories Bundles GeForce RTX GPUs Laptops NVIDIA DLSS Outriders

People Can Fly and Square Enix’s Outriders has been showered in praise since the release of its demo in February, with players loving the world, high-stakes combat loop, and the gameplay in general. The demo has received over 2 million downloads in its first week, and since then, the game’s been riding high in the Steam Top 10 sellers list ahead of its April 1st release. The full launch will add NVIDIA DLSS to the game, enabling players to reach super high frame rates that make their superhuman characters more responsive, animation smoother, visuals clearer, and everything that bit better.

The addition of NVIDIA DLSS comes courtesy of an Outriders partnership we unveiled back in January, but there’s more: we’re now offering a digital Steam copy of Outriders to buyers of eligible GeForce RTX laptops at participating partners.


GeForce RTX laptops and NVIDIA DLSS give you the performance to play Outriders at higher frame rates making them perfect for enjoying Outriders anywhere, anytime. GeForce RTX laptops also boast Max-Q technologies like Dynamic Boost and WhisperMode, which utilize AI and system optimizations, making these gaming laptops faster than ever. And with the launch of our Ampere-architecture GeForce RTX 30 Series laptops, our 3rd Gen Max-Q technologies give you faster performance, longer battery life, and quieter acoustics. Learn more here.


Our Outriders GeForce RTX laptop bundle will be available until April 15th, 2021. Head to our bundle page to discover which GeForce RTX 20 Series and 30 Series laptops are eligible for a digital download copy of the game at participating partners.

Outriders On GeForce NOW

If your GeForce RTX laptop isn’t with you, you can still stay in the game with GeForce NOW. Stream your gameplay across your lower powered devices, and keep the battle on Enoch going. 

GeForce NOW members will be able to stream Outriders from our cloud gaming servers when it launches. Founders and Priority members will take advantage of priority access to gaming servers, extended session lengths, and can even play with DLSS support. With GeForce NOW, you’re never too far from the game.

Buy Outriders on your game store of choice, and stream it to nearly any PC, Mac, Chromebook, SHIELD, Android or iOS device. That’s the magic of GeForce NOW.

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