NVIDIA DLSS: Over 100 Games & Apps Now Supported, Plus Alan Wake Remastered Adding DLSS At Launch

Today, NVIDIA added 28 games to the list of titles shipping with DLSS. The additions are a result of the Unreal Engine 4 DLSS plugin that makes the technology fast and easy to integrate into games. In total, NVIDIA DLSS is now accelerating performance in over 100 games and applications.

Additionally, NVIDIA DLSS is coming to Alan Wake Remastered and INDUSTRIA in the very near future, and is available now in Severed Steel.

For details, performance charts, and DLSS comparison videos, keep reading.

Alan Wake Remastered: Up to 2X Faster With NVIDIA DLSS

Remedy Entertainment’s award-winning Control was one of the first games to integrate NVIDIA DLSS, where it improved image quality and performance by leaps and bounds. Now, Remedy is bringing DLSS technology to the remaster of their 2010 hit, Alan Wake, accelerating your performance by up to 2X at 4K.


Launching October 5th, Alan Wake Remastered revamps textures, models, effects, cinematics, and more, breathing new life into the critically acclaimed game, and its two story expansions. And with NVIDIA DLSS, anyone with a GeForce RTX GPU can enjoy Alan Wake Remastered at over 60 FPS at max settings, at 4K, when NVIDIA DLSS is enabled.

NVIDIA DLSS accelerates your performance by up to 2X at 4K

To ensure your experience runs smoothly, download and install our new Game Ready Driver, which includes support for Alan Wake Remastered.

Severed Steel: Stylish Hyper-Paced Shooter Available Now With Ray Tracing and NVIDIA DLSS

Greylock Studios’ Severed Steel casts players as a one-armed assassin capable of some incredible acrobatics, while firing weapons, jumping through windows, dodging bullets, and activating bullet time. Traverse through stylized environments at incredible speed, using your extensive arsenal to blast through the destructible voxel-based environments, creating new avenues of attack that give you an edge over the onslaught of enemies.


On September 17th, Severed Steel launched on Steam to much acclaim, as expected, given the community’s reception to a series of demos released this year. The launch version brought a ton of new content to the table, and also ray-traced reflections and NVIDIA DLSS, giving GeForce RTX gamers the definitive Severed Steel experience.


Activating NVIDIA DLSS will more than double players’ performance, enabling virtually all GeForce RTX PCs to enjoy Severed Steel at max settings, with ray tracing enabled:

To experience the majesty of Severed Steel, as well as its ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS technology, head on over to the Severed Steel Steam page and grab the game today!

INDUSTRIA Launches September 30th With NVIDIA DLSS and Ray Tracing

Bleakmill and Headup’s INDUSTRIA transports players to an alternate reality Cold War East Berlin, where robotic enemies roam free after an incident at a secret research facility.


For those fighting through East Berlin on a GeForce RTX graphics card or laptop, an extra treat awaits: launch-day support for NVIDIA DLSS, ray-traced reflections, and ray-traced shadows. 

With settings maxed out, and ray tracing enabled, NVIDIA DLSS accelerates your performance by up to 2X. 

To prepare for INDUSTRIA’s release, download and install our latest Game Ready Driver, which includes day-0 optimizations and enhancements for the new first-person shooter.

NVIDIA DLSS Plugins Bring Support To 28 Indie Games

Unreal Engine and Unity are powerful, free tools, enabling everyone to quickly and easily create content by following free tutorials and online videos. Their low barrier to entry has resulted in a golden age of indie gaming, with projects big and small becoming best sellers, and Game of the Year contenders.

Earlier this year, we released NVIDIA DLSS as a free plugin for Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5, and Unity 2021.2 Beta, enabling developers to quickly and easily boost performance with the flip of a switch.

Many developers have already taken advantage of these plugins, and in recent months 28 indie titles have hit Steam featuring out of the box NVIDIA DLSS support:

Now over 100 games and creative apps are accelerating performance with NVIDIA DLSS. Plus, there are plenty of other NVIDIA DLSS games waiting in the wings for release this year, so stay tuned for all the news on GeForce.com.