NVIDIA BatteryBoost™ is an ultra-efficient mode that delivers the same great 30+ FPS experience, but with up to 2x longer battery life while gaming.


BatteryBoost technology is completely automatic, turning on the second you fire up a game when you’re unplugged. Plus, it works hand in hand with NVIDIA Optimus technology, giving you extra-long battery life when running casual apps, and the best performance when you’re gaming.

BatteryBoost regulates the performance of highly efficient GeForce graphics cards to provide just the right amount of power to deliver that smooth gaming experience gamers demand. If the game changes to more visually complex scenes, BatteryBoost will dynamically adjust GPU performance to compensate. This means you’ll never get hitching and stuttering.

But what if you’re playing an action game and want a few more FPS? NVIDIA BatteryBoost lets you adjust your target frame rate to suite whatever your gaming needs are, letting you control both your gaming experience and your battery life.

Ditch the brick and game longer with NVIDIA BatteryBoost.


Supported GPUs