Accelerated, AI-augmented, high-resolution climate and weather simulations with interactive visualization.

Earth-2 Data: DKRZ/MPI-M, ICON Model

Accelerating Climate Change Predictions

NVIDIA Earth-2 is a full-stack, open platform that accelerates climate and weather predictions with interactive, AI-augmented, high-resolution simulation. It includes physical simulation of numerical models like ICON; machine learning models such as FourCastNet, GraphCast, and Deep Learning Weather Prediction (DLWP) through NVIDIA Modulus; and data federation and visualization with NVIDIA Omniverse™. Running on NVIDIA DGX™ GH200, HGX™ H100, and OVX™ supercomputers, Earth-2 will provide a path to simulate and visualize the global atmosphere at unprecedented speed and scale.

The Development Platform for Climate Science

Higher Resolution and Large-Scale AI Training

The Earth-2 accelerated systems will let climate scientists produce kilometer (km)-scale climate simulations, conduct large-scale AI training and inference, and achieve low-latency interactivity. NVIDIA Modulus integrates support for numerous neural network models for climate and weather simulation.

GPU-Optimized and Accelerated Climate Simulation

The Earth-2 development platform is optimized for GPU-accelerated numerical climate simulations at km-scale to maximize simulated days per day (SDPD).

Data Federation and Interactive Weather Visualization

NVIDIA Omniverse enables ultra-large-scale, high-fidelity, interactive visualizations that depict weather conditions across the globe. Omniverse Nucleus includes a data federation engine that offers transparent data access across external databases and live feeds.

Earth-2 Cloud Services

AI Services

With Earth-2’s AI services, climate scientists can access generative AI-based models, such as CorrDiff diffusion models. These models are transformational in their ability to efficiently generate large ensembles of useful high-resolution predictions by sampling from a distribution many thousands of times.

AI services are available in early access for climate tech partners to integrate into their solutions.

Visualization Services

Interactive visualization services will enable large-scale weather and climate data to be visualized and analyzed.

Visualization services will be coming soon—please reach out to the Earth-2 team to be part of the development process.

Simulation Services

Simulation services will make it possible to gather insights from weather and climate simulations to plan for extreme weather scenarios.

Simulation services will be coming soon—please reach out to the Earth-2 team to be part of the development process.

Experience AI Foundation Models

The NVIDIA AI Playground offers an easy-to-use interface to quickly try generative AI models using an API or a user interface from your browser.

Download the NVIDIA Modulus Framework

Get immediate access to the open-source framework for building, training, and fine-tuning physics-informed machine learning (physics-ML) models.

Leading Adopters Across Industries

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Visualize AI-Augmented Weather Simulations

Researchers are using interactive visualization of AI weather forecasts, simulation data, and archived data to analyze extreme weather.

Accelerating Carbon Capture and Storage with Fourier Neural Operator and NVIDIA Modulus

By accelerating analysis 700,000X, NVIDIA Omniverse and Modulus can help engineers with the planning and operation of carbon capture and storage, ensuring safe operation and long-term storage and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere.

Predicting Extreme Weather Events Three Weeks in Advance With FourCastNet

By running FourCastNet in NVIDIA Modulus, we were able to generate 21-day weather trajectories of 1,000 ensemble members in a tenth of the time it previously took to do a single ensemble—and with 1,000X less energy consumption.

Interactive Visualization of High-Resolution, Global-Scale Climate Data in the Cloud

Built on NVIDIA Omniverse and the OpenUSD 3D framework, the Earth-2 platform enables aggregation and visualization of diverse, global-scale climate simulation and geospatial datasets. Made possible with cloud-native technology, visualizations can be explored by anyone around the globe.

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