SHIELD TV Remote App

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV app lets you control your SHIELD TV, launch apps, and log in to your favorite GeForce NOW games on SHIELD even faster.

The app gives you instant access to a virtual mouse and keyboard, which makes it simple for you to enter your username and password into game services.


GeForce NOW Controls

  • Virtual mouse touchpad
  • Virtual keyboard (US English)

SHIELD TV Remote Controls

  • App launcher:  Tap on the app banner to immediately launch app on your SHIELD TV
  • D-pad navigation (up/down/right/left) and Select
  • Android buttons (Back, Start, Home)
  • Media playback (Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind)
  • Volume control


  1. Install the SHIELD TV app on your Android or iOS device
  2. Connect your phone to the same network as your SHIELD TV
  3. Launch the SHIELD TV app and select your SHIELD under discovered devices
  4. Pair your device with SHIELD TV by entering the 6-digit code displayed on your TV