Splitgate: Arena Warfare Adds NVIDIA Highlights As Part Of Major Game Update

Por Andrew Burnes ligado 5 de setembro de 2019 | Featured Stories GeForce Experience NVIDIA Highlights

NVIDIA Highlights enables GeForce Experience users to automatically capture their best gameplay moments in supported titles. With the launch of a major new game update, multiplayer first-person shooter Splitgate: Arena Warfare becomes the latest title to offer this feature.


Install the latest versions of both GeForce Experience and our Game Ready Driver, and you’ll see an in-game prompt when next you load Splitgate: Arena Warfare, asking if you wish to enable Highlights (if you don’t see the prompt, open GeForce Experience, click the cog on the top right, switch on “In-Game Overlay” in General Settings, and restart the game).

Once Highlights is on, Headshots, Multi-Kills, Portal Kills, Deaths, and plain old Kills can trigger Highlights to be recorded. To decide which are enabled, press Alt+Z in-game, click the cog, navigate to Highlights, and select Highlight types:

At the end of the match, you can click the “NVIDIA Highlights” button to access recordings and screenshots. In this in-game overlay, you can quickly review, edit and share your Highlights to multiple sites and social media platforms.

NVIDIA Highlights is also available a number of other games with GeForce Experience, listed in full here.

For news on future integrations of Highlights in new titles, stay tuned to GeForce.com.