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Run your applications faster than ever before with NVIDIA Tesla K80 and K40 GPU accelerators. With dual-processors in a single GPU device, the Tesla K80 delivers up to 2x higher performance compared to the Tesla K20, K20X, and K10 GPUs.

Take a free test drive and experience a significant speed up in your application. You can run your own code or try one of the preloaded applications like AMBER, NAMD, GROMACS and LAMMPS.

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Acceleration with Tesla GPUs

Thousands of researchers and developers worldwide have taken the test drive and experienced a dramatic increase in their application's performance. See what researchers are saying about the test drive by checking out the testimonials.

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"The GPU Test Drive is awesome! We were able to benchmark, gain valuable insight and explore the new functionality and significant performance improvement of NVIDIA's latest GPU hardware. It helped us immeasurably – a very big thank you for the opportunity."
Richard Heyns,
Brytlyt, UK

"I am very glad that NVIDIA has provided the GPU Test Drive. It was an awesome experience to use the latest and the most powerful GPUs. Both my professor and I appreciate the opportunity as it profoundly helped our research."
Mehran Maghoumi,
Brock University, Canada

"It is an excellent idea to test the newest solutions of NVIDIA. The performance of GPUs exceeded my expectations so I bought one right after the test drive"
Krzysztof Rojek,
Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

"GPU Test Drive has been a very positive experience for us. Results from the test drive compel us to get additional high-end GPUs"
Walid Keyrouz,
National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA