NVIDIA IndeX for ParaView Plug-in
Interactive Volume Visualization for Faster Discoveries
Interactive Volume Visualization for Faster Discoveries


Visualizing simulation results is essential to scientific discovery. However, existing visualization tools are not equipped to deliver a real-time experience on large structured and unstructured datasets.

NVIDIA IndeX™ is a leading volume visualization tool for HPC. It takes advantage of the computational horsepower of GPUs to deliver real-time performance on large datasets by distributing visualization workloads across a GPU-accelerated cluster.

Now, IndeX works in ParaView, one of the most popular visualization tools in HPC. ParaView users can tap into the power of IndeX and enjoy real-time interactive experience within their existing volume visualization workflows. This plug-in delivers visualization performance that scales with data so scientists can analyze the entire dataset in its original resolution for faster discoveries.


IndeX for ParaView Plug-in Features and Benefits


NVIDIA IndeX for ParaView plug-in offers interactive volume visualization that scales with data to enable scientists to analyze the entire dataset for faster time to discovery.

Thanks to BSC, we generate large models of human heart. To verify the accuracy of the models, we have to visualize the full dataset and high interactivity visualization is key to gathering meaningful findings.

The IndeX plug-in enabled us to visualize our 54M tetrahedral cell model in real-time. Best of all, it fits right inside our existing ParaView workflow.

-Mariano Vazquez. Barcelona Supercomputing Center.


Real-time Visualization of Structured and Unstructured Volume Data


The IndeX with ParaView plug-in enables scientists to analyze the simulated data at full resolution in real-time by rendering the large-scale data at high frame rates. With the entire data in sight, scientists can quickly converge on the most interesting data for further analysis, resulting in faster time to discovery.


Seamless Workflow


The IndeX for ParaView plug-in allows users to take advantage of powerful features of IndeX through the ParaView interface. This eliminates the need to learn a new tool, keeps workflow unchanged, and allows users to focus on their research and accelerate discoveries.

Performance at Scale

Performance at Scale


Existing volume visualization tools do not allow scientists to interact with large-scale data in real-time. Scientists either have to wait a few seconds to load each interaction or implement workarounds using iterative process to converge on the most interesting data. IndeX for ParaView plug-in delivers real-time performance, on large datasets by distributing the data across multiple nodes within a GPU-accelerated cluster.


Open Source Plug-in

The benefit of open source software is that users can customize the application to fit their needs. Like ParaView, the IndeX plug-in is also open source to easily fit with customized versions of ParaView. The plugin can be compiled as any other standard ParaView plugin without any need for special tools and compilers.


Other Features

  • Delivers real-time interactivity for large datasets
  • Depth correct mixing with ParaView primitives
  • Dynamic streaming and GPU caching of time-varying volume data
  • Supports all common ParaView data formats
  • Compositing with ParaView geometries on single node
  • Workstation edition pre-built for Windows and Linux

ParaView Plugin for Workstations and HPC Clusters

There are two versions of the plug-in. For usage in a workstation, or single server node, the plug-in is available at no cost. For performance at scale in a GPU-accelerated multi-node system, the Cluster edition of the plug-in is available at no cost to academic users and with a license for commercial users.


For more information and to engage with others, visit the IndeX forum page.



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