Development Kits for Next-Generation Medical Devices

Build the next generation of intelligent medical devices with NVIDIA Clara developer kits. Capable of high-speed input/output (IO) processing, accelerated image reconstruction, scalable AI inferencing, and 3D visualization, Clara developer kits offer an all-in-one healthcare-specific system for developing AI-enabled devices.

Accelerate AI Development for Medical Devices

Real Time

Real Time

Delivers high-bandwidth streaming connectivity between sensors and GPUs

Accelerated Compute

Accelerated Compute

Enables powerful signal processing algorithms and AI capabilities

Scalable and Upgradable AI

Scalable and Upgradable AI

Includes container runtime and deployment support via NVIDIA Fleet Command

Powerful Computing for AI-Enabled Medical Devices

NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit

NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Clara AGX developer kit delivers real-time streaming connectivity and AI inference for medical devices. Combining the flexibility of the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier embedded Arm® system on a chip (SoC), the performance of the NVIDIA RTX 6000 GPU, and the 100GbE connectivity of the NVIDIA ConnectX® SmartNIC, Clara AGX provides an easy-to-use platform for developing software-defined, AI-enabled, real-time, point-of-care medical devices.

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Clara Holoscan developer kit is built with a high-performance NVIDIA AGX Orin module, a powerful RTX A6000 GPU, and the connectivity performance of the ConnectX® SmartNIC. The combination delivers 3X the performance over previous generations, making the NVIDIA Holoscan developer kit the ideal solution for developing the next generation of software-defined medical devices.

Coming 2nd half of 2022.

NVIDIA Holoscan Developer Kit

Build AI for Medical Devices

Build new AI capabilities and increase the productivity of research and development teams with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan. Clara Holoscan is a hybrid computing platform for medical devices that combines the hardware systems, optimized libraries, SDKs, and core microservices needed to develop and run end-to-end streaming and imaging applications anywhere, from embedded to edge to cloud.

Clara AGX Adopters

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